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3XSQ: Apple moves in a new direction

Thursday, Dec 13, 2012 - 04:14

Dec. 13 - The Google Maps app will be compatible with any iPhone or iPod Touch that runs iOS 5.1 or higher, the company said in a blog post.

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Ahead Google+ Apple's zero and wind will put Don Quijote became. Sports charity later in the show. -- this Thursday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. The Google Maps app is back on the I the search giant announcing the news in a block post the director of Google Maps for mobile writing. Quote it's designed from the ground up to be -- comprehensive. And comprehensive as an act receive Google map with interface that makes finally looking for faster and easier. Apple maps app received scathing reviews and and that of complaints from his place in locations. He has opinion indicating Taipei is in the Pacific Ocean. CEO Tim Cook apologize for its performance which led to the departure of an apple executives. Shares of apple closed Wednesday at 539. And are now down about 535. Against for best by shareholders could be on the way -- power player of the day it's founder Richard -- In Minneapolis star Tribune reporting that former executive is expected to make at least a five billion dollar offer for the change. -- and best buy declined to comment on the story shares of the struggling electronics retailer surging in early trading. Best -- is -- and jobless claims are down our Delhi did get 343000. The figure for the most recent week. That's nearly 30000 lower than the prior week and below forecasts the four week moving average also down along with continuing claims. Positive news from Europe as well as the EU agrees to -- banking deal are Angelina Kong joins us from London and what is -- -- -- -- has been. Police said basically that's have a structure in which banks have fans in the -- -- and will wet it's important is because not only does it represent. That's less concrete -- the block taking together to solve its problems but it also means we know now who's the policy. How much backs are involved but there's no time to relax the next stages of banking union include creating a so cold. Resignation funds for allowing troubled banks to fail. And coordinating deposit guarantees to protect save as now the EC -- -- its knew what stalled GTE's and launched 2014. What isn't mean for the US will not -- a short time but in the long tan European banking system of course well it is stronger at a. -- everyone including the US back -- -- very cute thing and doing. Well speaking of things overseas the Hollywood foreign press announced their Golden Globe nominations this morning. Leading the pack the ultimate American -- as Steven Spielberg link he's earned seven nods including best drama best director -- -- -- and best actor. -- the game and they. What is your feeling political this season with the I ran hostage drama Argo. Directed by starring Ben Affleck nominated for best drama along at zero dark thirty about the hunt for assignment in line. And finally -- and Canadians took to the stage last night at Madison Square Garden pretty 121212. Concert. -- -- -- -- A nearly bare chested Ryder -- -- -- alongside band mate Pete Townsend -- -- Who were among those who played in nearly two million people worldwide. Through television -- radio and online streaming. Speaking of aging rockers Bruce Springsteen also headlined along with village all. Bridging the gap between old and new ish Paul McCartney -- frontman for the remaining members of Nirvana. -- -- That is the latest from three times where this Wednesday you could follow us on Twitter at lakers insider and check out -- lazy to check out. Act like there's dot com laps later -- I'm Lisa Bernhard this is right.

3XSQ: Apple moves in a new direction

Thursday, Dec 13, 2012 - 04:14

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