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3XSQ: United Tech joins chorus of optimistic companies

Friday, Dec 14, 2012 - 03:09

Dec 14 - United Technologies joins 3M and Dupont with an optimistic outlook for the U.S. economy, saying it expects profit to rise about 13 percent next year.

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Ahead more optimism about the US economy and Christmas for this king of the jungle. Later that -- Read this Friday from Reuters world headquarters in York. Three and and DuPont expressing more optimism about the economy and their company's earlier this week. Now -- United Technologies turn. The CEO of the Dow components saying the two biggest drivers and the economy are consumer spending and housing and both shows signs of recovery. He also points out that oil prices have settled down. The maker of elevators air conditioners and other products predicting a 13% rise in profit next year shares are up slightly -- when he well. You settling out of oil prices reference by the UT ex CEO contributing to our daily digit. It's minus three tenths of 1%. The falling consumer prices in November that's the first decline in six months. Lower gasoline prices pushing prices overall lower. Prices excluding food and energy rose slightly but below forecast. Inflation overall are running at -- below 2% pace for the year. Inflation contained and so with enthusiasm. For apple iPhone 5 in China which went on sale today. We found just one person waiting outside the store in Shanghai's financial district when its doors open. The Chinese market is crucial to apple as it -- about 15% of its total revenue from the country. The iPhone 5 not expected to. And jumped to the top of the sales charts there. Due to its high cost. Shares of apple down after UPS cut its price target to 700 dollars from 800 box. But Apple's iTunes and our power player of the day it's 24 year old British pop singer Adele. The Grammy winning album 21 is now the top selling -- of the year on iTunes. The latest accolade comes almost two years since the album release. 21 inspired by what -- -- has called quote rubbish relationship. Earlier this week Dell also landed a Golden Globe nomination for her theme song to the James Bond -- sky fall. And finally before putting his reindeer to work Santa brought treats to their pals in the animal kingdom at the London Zoo male lions tour and to his get faster -- any could. Can't put up Christmas morning. Must have been hit -- inside. Payments to sex -- -- treat this -- in the history to pass it according to that betraying his new favorite tree shaped what amounts carving his bears. Enjoy the military to trust that's not honey. Well your cat. Frolic around in gingerbread house reports are that the -- here. It. That is the latest and three times -- this Friday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider check out our players YouTube channel. AccuWeather dot com slash whether -- -- I'm Lisa -- it is --

3XSQ: United Tech joins chorus of optimistic companies

Friday, Dec 14, 2012 - 03:09

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