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Breakingviews: Merkel will win, but with whom?

Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012 - 04:02

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will win the 2013 elections, but her coalition options are set to liven up an otherwise boring election.

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Right -- were breaking news watching this morning I -- about Cole last set to win next is German parliamentary elections iWeb get comfortable victory they say. Will it be a war in any way for Europe would meet to discuss this guy is separate -- economics and it's Edward had us. I guess the message that Ed -- is that yes it's going to be uncomfortable -- of that but but actually for Europe. And for the world it's not a warriors. Narrow. Hey you know we're journalists we like to get people excited about things and in the Euro crisis has kept us all excited for a long time. But one of the -- the box and in Europe has obviously been determined commitment to to the EU and the years. And that's not gonna change the trick is that uncle miracle represents the mainstream and the opposition parties. The big ones and a little ones. Are not actually that different from. The majority Christian Democrat. Party right well let's go through the options Tom black. RIT miracle is your second place -- seems unlikely that she will lose yeah I'm -- black red black green or black yellow -- the options. I'm black red of course is SPD the social Democrats. That the two big parties but it's it's pretty unlike -- they're gonna get together. They've been in a grand coalition before they made unity can neither of them light hit. Because -- it just makes them both vulnerable to complaints it's easier to be in opposition and try and grow from there. On the other hand because their party their policies are so similar from the European perspective it makes pretty good sense. Green in that putt posts post up and down don't need -- It's probably more likely yes. The black. Party has moved in the green direction it was the one thing that the greens stood for now the greens like most of parties in Germany don't stand for anything very specific. They've elected a moderate to run them. It would still be -- peculiar. Merger in terms of culture but in terms of policies it now looks like something that could be managed. And then of course we've -- now -- you know the FDP but it Pressler. Like he's gonna get rice could be just as it does it make. -- -- DP coalition more likely. For rather than the wouldn't change -- and that. But what it would do is give the ftp chance to survive. It now looks like a party it's based in ideology from the distant past it stood for freer markets and the other parties that. Who knows what that means in today's Germany. It would be nice if they could develop an ideology that would survive but much like Liberal Party in the -- local Democrats in the UK. It's a parties found it very difficult to find something that stands for. That is distinct from that the other two parties. So if if that manages to stay. In parliament and -- coalition and it will make it through but it won't really influence that the park policies. You know just there's -- you -- are saying yes yes -- we'd like to get our teeth into exciting stories like this do you story but let's face it the market. Is getting some Tryon. Making this exciting one way -- the other. This parliament Joan parliamentary elections story at news organizations are gonna try and make it exciting moment. Yes absolutely we will do our best to drum up some excitement during the course of the year but I'm telling you now in December upheld -- right. All right Andrew thanks that I would have asked from my -- is breaking news more Jenna setting inside what's our US show. Every day 12:30 eastern 1730 GMT I'm axle problems as sources.

Breakingviews: Merkel will win, but with whom?

Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012 - 04:02

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