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Europe Day Ahead: UK retail sales set to spring back

Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 - 02:24

Dec. 19 - A look ahead to Thursday’s key events including likely monetary easing in Japan, France seeking budget approval and the latest gauge of the UK high street

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And -- look at the president's key events starting in Japan whether Central Bank under pressure to vigorously expand monetary stimulus. Incoming prime minister Russians are robbing -- campaigned for more aggressive monitoring action. And a -- the economy. Today's weak export figures play into his hands most economists polled by Reuters expect the BOJ to increase its money one trillion yen. Asset buying and lending program -- up to ten trillion yen. The dominating a twenty month high against the yen today on expectations of more easing. European central bank's general and governing council's wrapping up a two day meeting tomorrow no interest rate decision will be announced. ECB policymakers -- -- and said today he wants the bank to stop buying sovereign bonds if it's new purchasing program is activated for the country concerned. Didn't stick to the conditions attached. And -- the National Assembly will vote tomorrow on whether to approve the 2013 -- And the European systemic risk board policing in Frankfurt's. On the data front UK retail sales expected to rebound off dropped Terry was sharp drop economists polled by Reuters -- costing a fourth tenths of 1% rise in November. Later in the day will get the final reading of USQ three GDP that's expects to be revised up to two point 8%. Initial jobless claims in the US expects to add -- often lost -- shop full. And eurozone consumer confidence expected to remain weak as the debt crisis cuts into people's disposable incomes. And it -- nick Parsons says and -- down Germany that it might want to reassess. Its. Possible to imagine a situation. Where Germany actually avoids recession. For the avoidance of a recession. Would I think -- give a significant boost to sentiment especially what he's going to be an election year in Germany. And I think those. Analysts and investors who've been aggressively bearish. On legitimate economy. May well have to reconsider those views as we start 2013. On a much firmer footing. That's a look at a Thursday. -- -- out our interview with the Irish prime minister and the Kenny. Plus the first part of Nomura political analyst Alison you he's going to what's going to keep them awake at night in 25 team. IMAX approval this is -- --

Europe Day Ahead: UK retail sales set to spring back

Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012 - 02:24

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