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Saft says: Double Grinch act may push U.S. over 'Cliff'

Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 - 01:55

Dec 20 - Reuters Columnist James Saft says President Obama and Speaker Boehner are doing a double Grinch act that could push the U.S. over the 'Fiscal Cliff'

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First columnist James sat. The Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke did their best she's trying to ensure that markets and Merry Christmas. Speaker Boehner and President Obama arguing -- add a whole range. The real possibility that we don't get a deal on the east. Coast's. This is clearly had drug markets next. This afternoon we're probably going to get it out in the house Republicans on shall call land. Essentially if plan B doesn't ever come to a vote because we get a compromise and be fantastic for markets equities more. If plan B doesn't pass today -- this evening as the Republicans can't -- -- together. That'll be negative for a pretty and is essentially telling you taxes -- ego iron and that it Democrats -- more. It gets delayed and it looks as if we're getting -- -- compromise. I'll be mildly more positive but it gets delayed because Republicans. Are together. Longer term going out towards the New Year's we essentially -- -- -- a grand bargain. Fantastic for race markets. No deals. And tax. -- wrong. If we're not gonna get a deal you're gonna see a tremendous. Rally in the bond market even though it means another downgrade you acts. One of its recession positive in -- you. Anything that makes the USO worst Friday personally make people more eager to hold seen yet and frankly. The world the way it is USA is -- -- comes you have to force. If we get a kicking the can down the road trying to deal. Asking -- Molly needed for all. Hacks -- mostly.

Saft says: Double Grinch act may push U.S. over 'Cliff'

Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 - 01:55

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