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3XSQ: Fiscal cliff fears heightened; Consumers are back

Friday, Dec 21, 2012 - 03:44

Dec 21 - House Speaker John Boehner, the top Republican in Congress and Obama's chief negotiating partner, failed to get enough support from his fellow Republicans on a proposed fix.

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Ahead. Seniors need lower prices and competition and yet unlike any other. Later Asia. Welcome to three Times Square this Friday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. A bailout proposal whips up fiscal concerns. Dow NASDAQ S&P 500 stock index futures down. About one half percent heading into today's open right now we've still got red arrows across the board. US house speaker John Boehner unable to get support from his fellow Republicans in the house for a plan to address the fiscal -- That's the combination of spending cuts and tax increases that to go into effect in January. Economists say the current path will lead to recession. -- expected to give more. I don't know -- -- six tenths of 1%. The gaining consumer spending in November that's the highest at three year and twice the estimate of economists polled by Reuters. Income off of client suggesting fourth quarter economic growth can be stronger than expected. Of course this was before this concern started getting more attention. In Europe shoppers concerned with the debt crisis are on the joins us from London Angeline. Includes consumers in Germany. Yes they said does and that it does give us more signs that your engine of growth is altering. Today at Ford indicated show -- consumer morale Fella a fourth month running to its lowest level in more than a year and a total fat. The at infineon -- an engineering -- wins as slashing more than 1000 jobs in the countries to make its energy operations more profitable. ENDV Jennings the biggest because he said today -- cut nearly 7% of its work force that's 1350. Jobs. And Deutsche Bank in Germany's flagship lender is also the president panelists 2000 jobs. By here and sit not a pretty pictures it's no surprise Japanese economic graceful console recently cut by a number of institutions. There is something he's ready set economists don't expect Johnny to fall into recession things not being mean but not enough. To keep -- going eight snapping to the slower rate he right. Can we -- mentally thank you so much. A picture's worth a thousand words and in the grand CEO today there words of apology. Kevin Sites to quickly mixing the company's right to use your photos and ads after take -- angry users protested in the his blog photo sharing site apologizing for the company's failure to communicate its intentions. Soccer parent company FaceBook absorbing some of the glare shares were down half percent premarket to 27 dollars. And are now out of it further at about 26 lives. And finally Q did you games and music. No wait they don't have the rights to that this is not a movie but an actual. Actual body guards competition taking part in Ukraine. State security teams and private protection companies from corporate former Soviet states. Like Ukraine Russia and among them. In fields such as burst in and fired and driving and tactical shooting. Overall winner. I don't. James Brown. That is the latest entry has witnessed Friday you can follow us on Twitter at -- it inside our kids can't act like that last -- -- me. I'm Lisa Bernard this is there.

3XSQ: Fiscal cliff fears heightened; Consumers are back

Friday, Dec 21, 2012 - 03:44

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