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Europe Week Ahead

Friday, Dec 21, 2012 - 03:23

Dec. 21 - A look to the close of the European markets and a look ahead to next weeks trading, as well as what to expect from the Asian markets on Monday.

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This is I look ahead to next week best at Chez Nikki I -- for many that investors will have one I'm watching any developments. And the US does that cliff talks with 1000000007 days left of bickering politicians prevent automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. -- -- it'll make it's and it failed to -- these ads on Dana at this to extract concessions from President Obama. I'm not political analyst Alice and you -- says a deal should still be done this oakcrest. There's just to chill still as I speak that we may see the votes tossed on. Christmas they've not the first time Obama kept possible Christmas Eve in the congress -- maybe congress is gonna have to work all the way up -- the last minute. Maybe -- gonna have to come back but my sense very strongly including now is that this is gonna be fixed when it is it will lift a long shot. From over corporate America which may then starts with some of its cash to work to good effect on the sort of thirty select investments we'd expect technology. Marketing advertising. -- the trading week next week of false witness European markets closed Christmas Day and boxing day and many clay is Christmas Eve either for the whole -- half day. You will stand out next week as a -- -- options on the last -- and Friday. These milestones as we strive to meet its 2013 funding needs ST in Spain will be eight and to -- Vegas and Phoenix jail. The Madrid still likely to seek help from the ECB. Italian elections at least hold these threats and delivering an unstable outcome that could -- the year -- then back into crisis managed. By Monday we might have made clear idea of -- wants peace plans and whether or not he'll stand at the election or not. This is a -- friend to retain some sort of influential role in next government but that's no great set NT. Seven investment management is just an -- stood says if they may still struggle with its funding. If he's gonna have bet a lot of difficulty next -- its funding needs it is all going to be dependent upon the confidence within the eurozone itself. As you -- last you know we saw this improved significantly but then what you full off towards the land the last few weeks. I think -- option next week will let you go ahead okay. But really it's gonna need more confidence in the rest of the euros for it lead to carry out to the rest of its purchasing structures successfully throughout via. And well he is tomorrow Egypt holds the second stage of a referendum opponents dropped constitution. -- banishing -- weekend resulted in a 57%. Majority. In favor off the competition commission by president mostly. The annual sum this all the gulf corporation council begins in Bahrain on Monday finishing up on the 25. The six member council is expected to discuss these Syrian conflicts and tensions with neighboring Iran. I really -- when they -- the kind of mess -- leave boxing day Indian Ocean tsunami. -- 230000. People were killed and one of the deadliest -- was offices and recorded history. And magnitude nine point one quake triggered a tsunami with waves of up to the -- -- striking coastal communities. In Indonesia. Sri Lanka Thailand and and and then on the country's. -- let and the week ahead and join the festive season I'm nineteen along and they is what is this.

Europe Week Ahead

Friday, Dec 21, 2012 - 03:23

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