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Techquity: Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook outlook for 2013

Friday, Dec 21, 2012 - 03:10

Dec 21 - A look at the challenges and opportunities facing our four horsemen on the internet next year.

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But the attack -- killing tax I'm rob steering technology columnist for the British breaking news. Next by rim might score one with a Blackberry ten the latest sign of trouble in the PC is may 2013 predictions on what we called for worst in the Internet. First up the best of their best starting Research in Motion. Company posting results that were bad just is expected but what really shocked investors was that the company said that providing services for its next generation phones. Mean -- -- -- that's a problem because providing servers and software to run phones for enterprise governments alike now accounts for most of the company's profit. This business goes south so -- profits. The company still expects quarterly big one due to its -- but they've already missed a big chunk of the key holiday season. The good chance next quarter could be another disaster. Here is down double digit. There and struggling so how much -- Nokia be hurting. It's canyon rim to boost its fortunes to finish firms settled a patent dispute Canadian company. That'll lead to an undisclosed onetime payment along with ongoing fees. Like rim it's fallen way behind apple Google and other mobile phone firm's shares are down 20% US treating this year. Now these mobile phone firms are suffering at least they're not PC business. More evidence of that pain and that's sectors from Micron Technology. Computer chipmaker post the loss on lower sales. Even higher prices could offset lower volumes results missed analysts' forecast here's -- 8% today. And finally my outlook are four horsemen as we approached point thirteen. From Google -- -- deeper regulatory problems and a lack of hit tablets and mobile phones but its search business is reaping gigantic profits. The growth -- about means a lot more library. So I expect good things for its investors. Amazon sure the companies having another fantastic holiday season. And -- it is us as one of the best tech leaders out there but the stocks just insanely expensive 146 times estimated earnings. It was on investors are probably get -- their stockings and when he thirteen. Investors soured on the company's share it's lost a step on rivals. But the company's devices still -- stands rapid and new product and TV appears to be waiting in the wings. With stock trading at seven times earnings after you take out to Johnny Cash stockpile but simply wait too cheap. Expect the stock to do better even than Google. And FaceBook the social network or rather probably forget the year that passed botched IPO it negative buzz took off Facebook's boss. The mobile advertising is set having absolutely astonishingly great year people spent a lot of time in their phones especially on FaceBook. And advertisers are just starting to catch up. I mean the stock could have and actually monster year perhaps even getting back to its IPO price. Of course as Yogi Bear and it difficult to make predictions especially about the future. But that's like to. And I'll see you in next year but don't forget level all the reps that the equity every day except Tuesday Christmas Day next week -- they're going to be and follow us on Twitter art Harris tech. -- -- -- -- --

Techquity: Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook outlook for 2013

Friday, Dec 21, 2012 - 03:10

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