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U.S. Morning Call: Investors play the waiting game

Tuesday, Dec 25, 2012 - 02:27

Dec 26 - U.S. stock futures are pointing to a slightly higher open as the deadline for the fiscal cliff approaches.

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Morning call for Wednesday US stock futures pointing to. Slightly higher open this morning trading volumes expected to stay -- as President Obama heads back to Washington to resume budget talks. We do have some data out at 9 AM the S&P case Shiller home price index that's usually out on Tuesdays. Home prices are expected to have risen for an ninth straight month in October. Further cement the view that the housing market is on the rebound European markets closed today for the boxing day holiday. Now he planned on staying it on Christmas -- watching a movie on Netflix. You would notice the service did not work Netflix is playing an outage at one of Amazon's web service centers for the disruption to its streaming service. That little problem expected over 27. Million users. In the US Latin America and Canada Netflix shares closed at ninety dollars on Monday. -- -- electronics not only fighting Apple's patent suits it's also waging a war on its own -- rival Ericsson. Samsung asking US international trade commission for an import and sales ban on some ericsson's products. The world's top Smartphone makers accusing Ericsson have reaching seven of its patents including those on networking gear. With -- suffering a big drop in sales of its network unit down 17%. In the third quarter. It's turning to the courts to maintain its patent income. Now holiday cheer for big box retailers this morning US holiday retail sales this year with the weakest since 2008. According to spending Paul switched tracks MasterCard transactions. The group found that from the end of October till Christmas Eve retail sales rose just 710%. From the year before. Many analysts had expected holiday sales to grow three to 4%. Online sales not much better rising to 48 billion dollars in eight point 4% increase from 2011. That's it for you Wednesday morning called publicized letter writers cider. And check out our writers to get out Reuters dot com laps -- CB. I brought this up there this.

U.S. Morning Call: Investors play the waiting game

Tuesday, Dec 25, 2012 - 02:27

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