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U.S. Morning Call: Countdown to fiscal cliff-4 days left

Wednesday, Dec 26, 2012 - 02:46

Dec 27 - Efforts to prevent the U.S. economy from going over its 'fiscal cliff' resume today with less than a week to go.

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Here's your Thursday morning call let's start with a look at the market US stock futures point to open for Wall Street. As Washington gets back to work and a sign of compromise Republican house speaker John Boehner. Offered yesterday to at least consider and help the Democrat controlled and it produces over the next four days. -- to the macro front we've got a slew of economic got out this morning pay close attention to the consumer confidence number. That opposed to -- out in December an indication that fiscal what does winning on the average show. Shares three moving up on the Tokyo Stock Exchange today after the Japanese carmakers settle a class action lawsuit. -- -- -- -- By paying one point one billion dollars that's. Smaller than the amount they had expected to pay. Now be your memory Toyota's problems started 2009 when some customers noticed unintended acceleration in their cars. That ultimately led to Toyota recalling over ten million vehicles globally. -- also dented the carmakers reputation. Well from one settlement to another this time in -- -- technology will hand over one billion dollars in damages to Carnegie Mellon University after a jury found the chipmaker infringed on two patents. You -- the third largest ever any patent case. Topping the one billion dollars Samsung was ordered to pay apple in its patent case jurors also found -- patent infringement was willful. And that could enable the trial -- you triple the damages to four billion dollars. The market value of marvel shares of -- well over 10% on Wednesday. -- now up over 2% in the pre market. About the web site you could have shopped this holiday season according to four feet which rates. JC Penney suffered the largest drop in customer satisfaction. Other poor performers include flash sales site gilt dot com and -- law law. And is on May have won the battle of the web site but it. To be -- score and it cloud computing operations. A high profile failure at least the third this year may have caught some Amazon Web Services customers like Catholics. That are other alternatives and on shares ended down at 240 dollars and after hours tree. That's it for Thursday morning call all of our trainer at Reuters Insider at check out our -- YouTube channel. I'm -- this is.

U.S. Morning Call: Countdown to fiscal cliff-4 days left

Wednesday, Dec 26, 2012 - 02:46

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