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Breakingviews: Depardieu’s Russian tax heaven

Thursday, Jan 03, 2013 - 03:38

Jan. 3 - French actor Gerard Depardieu is to move to Belgium in protest at France's 75% tax rate. Breakingviews says he'd be happier in Russia.

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Rice on today's breaking news French accent Jess Todd -- -- finds heaven and Putin's Russia. And down a more sober and I want a dollar let's get into -- thirteen with me is so and it would have us economic -- I'm installments rather what all the more light -- -- idea story are. -- and services like he's been here he's given -- Russian citizenship dip hairdo is apparently drunk I mean please frequently drunk when he suggests that he would use that it. He would be more -- code in. In Russia and we then. Putin took him seriously at presidential decree and we take a moralist seriously too. Just look he used to be a fifth -- famous and friendly with French intellectuals now he just looks like a bit of an old buffoon. He's wants to escape high taxes rob Russian tax rate is 13%. Lots of great he mentions for -- arcs in Russia he could fit right into it. -- and of course he's been impressive on the fringes of Castro and Chavez gets he loves left wing dictator is that Sarah we. What where better than I had all of the new style left wing did you -- get a guy. I don't think I. Commuter tax tax residency is a tricky business you can -- not want to live where you want to pay your taxes. Of course of course the the serious side of this is that the French. Courts struck down. The race right the struck down the the proposition. As it was a reason behind it well yes it was well actually the way it was written. Because it was written individually and actually French courts work. Different tax law works on household basis. The government says it's gonna reintroduce it but the latest little rumors seem to be that maybe that. It will not -- Pietrus and guess on who wrote this piece had a piece I believe yes today saying not. Iran should take this opportunity. This this window of opportunity to say you know what actually got a 187 -- -- a little off it was a little high maybe a little humble pie would be good it could happen. But whether debt could you would take the hint and stay in France I don't know -- -- Record your pieces is being Campbell from. -- US army smile at the end of found between thirteen ugly contest. Should belong -- the dollar right now it's it's it's it's it's one of the big questions have to affect you as being -- have been bullish on the bearish on the don't. To my knowledge having worked -- for about five or six years NATO. And his case now is not actually to be. Bullish. Perhaps and in ways no less bullish than usual because he's saying second half of the year will be the dollar house. On his cases that the Euro is going team on start to weekend. Because. The Euro crisis we'll come back and that will make the dollar. Say what you will of the United States it's not likely to split up. And that would make the dollar a relatively strong currency but of course what he's the main points trying to make this one that I don't think anyone would disagree with. Is that this is not a contest for strength but it contest for weakness and one of them wins is the least. The -- when he try to make that known would discredit athlete as a specific contract. We try to contrary as often as possible. In this case the truth is just that with the consensus. That it -- to -- -- takes a lot Edward had us. Have breaking news more -- setting aside what's our US breaking -- show every day talk studies and 1730 GMT. I'm -- problems choices.

Breakingviews: Depardieu’s Russian tax heaven

Thursday, Jan 03, 2013 - 03:38

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