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South Korea students toughen up, Marine-style

Thursday, Jan 03, 2013 - 01:27

Jan. 03 - South Korean students brave the freezing cold and snow to get disciplined in a militaristic boot camp. Tara Cleary reports.

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Underdressed and freezing cold. Forty South Korean teenagers are learning army-style discipline. Trainer Park Tae-Jin says the boot camp aims to develop students' strength and perseverance. SOUNDBITE: Park Tae-Jin, trainer, saying (Korean): "It instills confidence in students who lack it. We try to positively alter their attitude. Many students grow up without many hardships, and so some aren't mature enough. We also focus on character development during the training." The training program consists of either a five or 14-day schedule, lasting up to nine hours a day. Many were signed up by their parents. SOUNDBITE: 14-year-old student, Lee Min-heok, saying (Korean): "At first, I was really mad with my parents for making me train in this cold weather. But now I know that they did it because they love me." SOUNDBITE: 17-year-old student, Kim Seo-hee, saying (Korean): "I would misbehave when my parents weren't watching. From now on, I promise I will behave even when they're not watching me. And I will concentrate on my studies and will be obedient to my parents." The camp has trained around 100,000 students since 1997 and this winter 200 students will discover the joys of army instruction. At least this camp allows students to really express their pain.

South Korea students toughen up, Marine-style

Thursday, Jan 03, 2013 - 01:27

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