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Another shooting in Aurora

Saturday, Jan 05, 2013 - 00:58

Jan. 5 - Aurora Colorado, scene of the movie theater mass killing, sees another multiple shooting incident. Jessica Gray reports.

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Residents of Aurora, Colorado, are reeling in the wake of more gun violence. On Saturday, a man barricaded himself in a townhouse after gunning down three people. He was later shot and killed by police. Police say the gunman refused to surrender and began firing on officers from his hideout after about five hours of back and forth with hostage negotiators. (SOUNDBITE) (English) AURORA POLICE SPOKESPERSON, SAYING: "And fired upon us a second time. This time shots were returned. The suspect was hit, and he has been pronounced dead. We've sent people in and have confirmed that there were three other victims inside who have all been pronounced dead at this time." They added that the gunman and his victims likely knew each other, although the motive for the killings is still unclear. Aurora is the same Denver suburb where 12 movie goers were slain last July while waiting to see the premier of the latest Batman film.

Another shooting in Aurora

Saturday, Jan 05, 2013 - 00:58

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