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Europe Day Ahead: Samaras hands in homework to Merkel

Monday, Jan 07, 2013 - 02:19

Jan. 7 - Greece’s prime minister travels to Berlin to tell chancellor Angela Merkel what progress he’s making on reform, while a slew of euro zone data may fuel hopes that the region is stabilising.

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This is a look ahead to tomorrow's key political and financial events big prime minister Anthony some us. Has the barrel in tomorrow for talks with chancellor Angola medical. He's due to give an update on the progress of reform measures and the visit comes as Greek parliament -- and two and a half billion Euro package of extra austerity measures. Passage of the bill is crucial to securing support from Germany and international lenders. CMC markets analyst Michael Hewson says that recent optimism -- peripheral Europe should not disguise the real problems that remain. I think -- can probably need another but by allow some form of restructuring. Is obviously along all of unrest. Ground level in grace. With respect to further austerity the thing applies to spying on we will -- Italian elections which could add an additional element of uncertainty. Within Europe especially if they continue down the -- They're currently embarked upon. That could be fresh glimmers of hope for the -- -- economy a slew of pizza -- eyes on most support seen pointing if not sort of company and stabilizing said. Retail sales seen -- positive territory the full cast on November it is expansion -- not point 3%. Meanwhile are -- the sentiment index is -- all -- improving. Consumer sentiment forecast to come in at minus 26 point six that's compared with minus 26 point nine a month -- Economic sentiment CNET eight to six point three verses eight to five point seven and November. Unemployment not so good though the headline rate seen edging up to a new record high of eleven point 8%. -- is the German export machines still fighting on all on most selling those generally expected to report a fifteen billion it'll treats a plus for November up. France also reports November trade -- up. Also tomorrow keep an eye out for the world economic forums on a report on global risks. Last year the full impact income inequality government debt I'm global warming as the top risks twelve months on little may have changed. Of course -- report comes out two weeks before the world economic forum's annual summit in doubles -- always keep on my own Reuters for full coverage of events. Including interviews with all the big names. But some look ahead to choose these market moving stories I'm -- gave -- this is going to.

Europe Day Ahead: Samaras hands in homework to Merkel

Monday, Jan 07, 2013 - 02:19

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