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Market Pulse: Slainte! Ireland poised for bond market return

Monday, Jan 07, 2013 - 04:07

Jan. 8 - Ireland sparks huge interest in planned return to the bond market, its €2.5 bln deal attracting orders of over €7 bln. Spain announces its 2013 funding plans, plus telcos, miners and Sweden’s krona.

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-- what -- island on the brink of bottling on the international capital markets prop up for the first time since the bailout is only 2010. And it looks like it'll be voting success. On those for the two and a half billion you'll syndicated bond of already topped seven billion. For more on the box and speeds 2013 bottling plans I'm joined now by Michael waste of senior strategist. At Commerzbank. Michael -- is shaping up to be a huge success islands and my children time to market yet you would recommend not buying it. Yeah exactly at this point in time you we think there is simply not much to his left in that given that I responds they have really quite hot. And up and over the past month and -- it looks a bit like you know -- -- investors might it might do a book some profits here and at the ready is running out of steam. I am so I took that just save what's countries would you be a bottle not. What -- that in that specific -- Linda we would actually prefer reported a for the time being. And given that it thought it was similar story somewhat -- the due date and time compared to -- And but yet at the same time imports of Portuguese bonds didn't offer much more much more pickup compared to I was he is off the -- of -- -- -- for -- confidence thing. OK let's move to Spain is sometimes is also funding plans for yet. -- to -- -- fifty billion euros of course that includes bills bonds -- a 121 billion. Ten billion a month does the market how the appetite for that. Well the moderates say the market thirtieth that he quoted people that them due to all these could be policies. And then given that and -- do some of our rob -- which. But the question would indeed be on how well -- awesome with that is this reply would be taken down. So we get that that that to your blog on Thursday about actually the real test for that or to make -- for the -- more. Play -- it's a judgment on what call will have to be of the dollars over who can be able. I'm that what you -- and state does Madrid's. Go for a bailout soon. -- do you think. Well lung. For the time being I guess there is no real pressure for them to act given that you know you're across the crowd give government also they come from them says that. I'd rather comfortable levels and I also. From Albuquerque who have been here in Europe is not not much pressure that fed however and as you've done in the pasta market environment can. Could turn -- rather creepy and the market can increase the pressure once again and had indeed I'd tell you also might. Are we have a large open tenure won't might be through two would trigger for that. Okay Michael thank you very much. We'll shares and South Africa listed AngloGold Ashanti and done more than 2% I have to see you all -- funny stepped down. He will replace outgoing -- cattle -- -- of Anglo American shares are not company. More than 2%. So locals also having a good -- some some -- posting a record quarterly profit of eight point three billion dollars. I'm here in Europe the sector gets -- a with unused Verizon made by Vodafone stake in Verizon Wireless. Susan Vodafone are almost two and a half percent. And the currencies this biggest triumph coming -- the heavy selling pressure after minutes. Of the bank's last policy meeting shall policy makers considered loading interest rates by fifty basis points instead of 25. The you don't jumping more than half of 1% eight point five hate -- its biggest one -- rise since the end of November. Under on this day and yesterday in 19827. That those Jones industrials crossed 2000 for the first time -- That was fourteen years after crossing 1000 points and today. Well fines to the Fed's money printing its trading above thirteen thousand meters 2007 peak of just under 141000. Not sell for today I'm Jamie media about this avoid them.

Market Pulse: Slainte! Ireland poised for bond market return

Monday, Jan 07, 2013 - 04:07

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