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3XSQ: U.S. regulators to review Boeing's Dreamliner issues

Friday, Jan 11, 2013 - 04:32

Jan 11 - U.S. regulators will conduct a review of the Boeing Dreamliner's critical systems after a series of problems with the plane.

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-- handed -- I'll end windows at Boeing and researchers not throwing up their hands in the study of contagion. Later in the shadow. Of the three Times Square this Friday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. US regulators hopping on board Boeing 787. You conduct a review of the new dreamliner is critical systems. After the problems with the plane those problems include the development of a crack in the cockpit screen the -- in Japan. And a fire on an empty plane in Boston. Shares of Boeing closed at 7709. Thursday and are now down slightly at around five bucks. Troubled retailer best buy having a merrier Christmas than anticipated. Sales at US stores over the key holiday season low -- with analysts anticipated decline. International sales however did decline. Best buy did slash expectations for free cash flow after -- hectic papers that inventory earlier than expected. Shares rising on the news. Last time you used to traveling American Express cutting more than 5000 jobs travelers increasingly -- their own travel online. The move is part of a company wide restructuring. Well -- -- it actually hiring the auto maker adding more than 2000 positions in the US in feels like product development. It also doubled its dividend. Checking shares. American Express around about a 3%. And board up about a percent partnered. It near the story today more in line with and Nixon -- Germany expecting economic contraction RG McKiver joins us from London. Jamie looking at the end of the year. Not -- -- to the -- -- but XTO adults like this you should be that's up but it still you have 2012 GDP figures in Germany next week. Now it's just pull this vote not point 8% golf that's -- from 3% in 2011. And while Germany may have violates the hopeful we call -- technical recession its economy is not fighting and also does. Far from it confined to date JPMorgan said that to slashed its fourth quarter forecast of minus 2% from minus 1%. Anand and 5% to one of those states are tracking -- suggested that did the fallen GDP could be as large as 5%. Pulled out all -- say -- There are indications are saying that the German and eurozone economy is -- stops and took the cup and will do so. Thought the course of the year and this is in large part because the financial tensions have -- Signs say ECB president Mario Draghi who said of course last year that he would do what evidence to to save the little that no one pretends it's going to be a quick tunnel right. -- we saw improvement is improvement no matter how small and right now. Us heating you know we will take an -- Improvement is improvement all right Jamie thanks so much. A member of the Euro down to find -- Is it Brooklyn born into place. New York as a new basketball team hockey team coming and now that you're post reports it -- -- -- prestigious film festival. Spokesman Robert Redford's Sundance festival which has already spawned a lot of an -- Out of Brooklyn neighborhood of dumb as a possible third site for expansion. Organizers reportedly meeting with the real estate developers there just Sunday at east to rival Robert euros TriBeCa film festival. Sun -- mania time and begins Thursday it last year -- eighty million bucks to the state. And finally in the midst of flu season a story from the UK that's going viral that SB. A British researcher has developed a human like it that bomb it's no it's not a party rank it helps analyze -- -- Larry as he has calls is the brainchild of a scientist at health and safety laboratory enter your. It just water and fluorescent -- Larry -- shows that germs carry. Can carry at least ten feet according to current projections. That's the latest entry in court this Friday you can follow us on Twitter -- -- insider and check it to act fast times slash CD. I'm Lisa Bernhard this is players.

3XSQ: U.S. regulators to review Boeing's Dreamliner issues

Friday, Jan 11, 2013 - 04:32

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