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Techquity: Facebook search, Apple cut

Tuesday, Jan 15, 2013 - 02:46

Jan 15 - Facebook debuts a new feature while Apple falls after an analyst cuts his price target.

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Next FaceBook goes deeper in the search apple gets cut and eBay gets a lift. First up FaceBook forget those rumors of a mobile phone or tablet the social network is trying to help organize information on its site. Mark Zuckerberg unveiling the ground search it's a way for users to hunt for content that isn't shared with them. The beta version will focus on searches for people photos places and interest FaceBook shares down slightly near 31 dollars a share. Reports of weaker than expected iPhone sales leading nowhere to cut its forecast for apple the brokerage dropping its fiscal 2013 and 2014 profit outlook. By more than 10% each year. Both now below the consensus of analysts tracked by Thomson Reuters start line. Know what also slashing its price target for apple dropping it from 660. To 530 bucks a share. The stock down more than 2% today near -- night. Know what a more positive on eBay becoming at least the fifth brokerage this year to raise its price target. Know what I nudging its target to 61 dollars from 59 eBay reports quarterly results after about Wednesday. The company PayPal service is a strong point as a continues to expand the pain is that if further in a physical retail locations. It announced deals with a chain of gas stations and grocery stores its brick and mortar retail partners now number 23 including Home Depot. Alibaba founder Jack -- plans to step down as CEO the 48 year old billionaire said he wants to hand over the raised. Younger leaders he says they have better more brilliant greens than -- While become chairman -- may. While rated e-commerce empire so big. That the value of deals two of its platforms from January and never amount to roughly 2% of China's GDP. Last -- company struck a deal to buy back Yahoo!'s stake in Ali Bob. Soaring inspiring time our look at movers first story is that Al. Sources saying private equity firm so overly among those advanced discussions with a computer company. About taking it private sources saying a deal could come soon but the situation is fluid. The stock up another 5% today and sputtering wolf I've finally electronics. The small cap electronic components maker estimates its gross margin fell in the first quarter as a scaled back production to managers working capital. Shares down more than 20%. Best equity this Tuesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RK ERS equity I'm Fred Katayama. This is what.

Techquity: Facebook search, Apple cut

Tuesday, Jan 15, 2013 - 02:46

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