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Europe Day Ahead: Ireland – another step to recovery?

Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013 - 02:11

Jan. 16 - A look ahead to Thursday’s key events including Ireland’s T-bill auction, IMF chief Christine Lagarde’s visit to Washington and an emergency meeting on Mali

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There's a look at says there's deep political and financial events -- -- hopes its recovery will take another step forward tomorrow with the first -- auction of the year. Dublin like -- to issue 500 million euros off selling to an off billion. I euros of debt -- she was a quarter of the ten billion it needs to -- in 23 team in -- -- accidents EU IMF bailout plan. Spain also holds a -- auction markets watching to see if Madrid can maintain the trend towards -- low yields. Meanwhile IMF chief Christine not god holds her and new -- press conference in Washington. It's US location is fixing as the budget debate continues but some rabobank Saddam -- Bre X says the markets will be less -- now the fiscal cliff has been avoided. Most about the death spending and -- debt ceiling -- the spending issue that comes with its. Will be resort so not to say that there's no issue and it definitely going to be watched but I think because the tax is out there. Part of the venom part of this thing is out of the discussion. It Colbert news Jamaica as Semel reports its Q4 numbers supermarket chain Koffel also -- report fourth quarter sales. Amid worries that it could see a sharp slowdown in sales of French -- markets. European earnings likely to be overshadowed by several big US companies reporting later in the day that including Intel COC black -- Amex. And Bank of America. Europe's leaders hold an emergency meeting to discuss the escalating crisis in -- French troops have launched their first round campaign against Islamist rebels fighting street battles alongside -- and soldiers in the town of Japanese. France has deployed some 800 troops sources say -- expecting that number to increase to an off thousands. Additional support from West African forces expected to arrive in the next 48 Dallas. That's -- to get to Thursday's events and don't forget that our coverage of the world future energy summit continues tomorrow. Our reporter -- you know me as an Abu Dhabi to bring you the latest stories and interviews from out of that its climax of trouble this has brought us.

Europe Day Ahead: Ireland – another step to recovery?

Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013 - 02:11

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