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Reuters Asks: Would leaving the EU be good or bad for the UK

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013 - 01:45

Jan. 22 - As the debate hots up surrounding Britain’s place and direction within Europe, we ask financial experts whether leaving the EU would be good or bad for Britain.

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For me it gives us that these great big difference between not joining the party in the first place. And Antonio back on the policy and the -- range of European politicians and NATO bombed again that if -- okay -- collect relief. Then it would just beyond simple benefit anytime. Recognize it challenges in terms of its reputation in European Union activities. And clearly it's a very dog fighting falcons are right I'll try to calm. And sent an excellent relationship and we've been managed extremely can't thank you got the city of London. Which is seventy broadly international and certainly a European markets where a lot of firms in the city. -- -- European -- so as far as that concerned and as far as the city is concerned I think catch any further. And alienation that the UK has from the European Union is probably a bad thing I don't. Think it's. I mean this thing to suggest that the UK can leave. The yields again. Obviously I mean we played. Significantly maybe you -- I guessed. -- it's not have access. A stronger than it and we with the company. And outside and -- UK is a large economies. We went something like thirteen billion. Hands trade deficits. With that recipe you. And pragmatically. The rest of Europe are going to want to train with the UK that would place it affects us but I think six even have a different people.

Reuters Asks: Would leaving the EU be good or bad for the UK

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013 - 01:45

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