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Cameron shakes Europe over EU exit vote

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013 - 01:57

Jan. 23 - European leaders rebuke British Prime Minister David Cameron for wanting to take the 'common' out of the EU market. Sarah Sheffer reports.

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A long-anticipated speech from British Prime Minister David Cameron on the European Union has caused quite a stir throughout the continent. Cameron ended months of speculation by announcing a plan for a referendum vote to stay in or get out of the EU if he's re-elected in 2015. The Prime Minister said he wants Britain in the EU but wants to claw back some powers from Brussels, a proposal that other European countries reject. (SOUNDBITE) (English) BRITISH PRIME MINISTER DAVID CAMERON, SAYING: "I believe something very deeply - that Britain's national interest is best served in a flexible, adaptable and open European Union and that such a European Union is best with Britain in it." German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would like to see Britain as "an important and active member" of the EU, and called upon both sides to be prepared to make compromises. And Germany's Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle warned against Cameron's so-called "cherry-picking". (SOUNDBITE) (English) GERMAN FOREIGN MINISTER, GUIDO WESTERWELLE, SAYING: "We share the vision of a better Europe. We need a new commitment to the principle of subsidiarity, not all and everything must be decided in Brussels and by Brussels. We do indeed differentiate, but cherry-picking is not an option." French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said flexibility was good for Europe but not without common policies. (SOUNDBITE) (French) FRENCH FINANCE MINISTER PIERRE MOSCOVICI SAYING: "We don't want a Europe which is limited to the single market but we need common policies. That said, Europe is united but also diverse and it's up to every country to determine for itself." But many European officials are warning Cameron against treating the bloc as an "a la carte menu" from which he can pick and choose membership terms.

Cameron shakes Europe over EU exit vote

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013 - 01:57

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