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DAVOS 2013: Italy needs courageous reforms to revive growth

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013 - 03:14

Jan. 23 - Italy's Economy Minister Corrado Passera, says the worst is over but radical reforms are need to get Italy back on the growth track.

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And others say the worst of the crisis is over -- -- units and I share that Q and in Monti government has done a great job. Public accounts are clearly and structurally under control that's very important that did the same time remember a very important that reforms -- you don't. Now I mean we have to keep. Going in that direction and whoever would -- -- the election we have to -- back. Wall couldn't them. Italian government do to spark growth given the latest downgrades to growth obsession 2013. What are we need to -- it. And number of things. Certainly we have to be very courageous in terms of fiscal reforms in terms of labor market reform. And in terms so. Did -- peaks every war when -- say if he's kind of reform we have to incentive rate we have to push very much investments in innovation for example. What what should -- priority reform -- it. What terrorists to do -- job creation and growth of the company's innovation commission organization job creation is is is is that. Certainly priority number one and we have to make it very easy to hire new people. Because the number did did the social meadowlands is is really very very spent why. Why wasn't the Monti government people to to liberalize for. That it did we even realized -- long. -- gas market. The only TE commerce area the professional services but that was still a long way to get it cuts through the bureaucracy to attract investments shortly for sure ruckus is another story. Bet that and number all of that very close industries and very -- markets have been open. Bureaucracy certainly enemy number one we started simply trying to get. But -- kinda work we have to do as to be much more than what can be done in just one year that you -- an emergency unit like the one we had we have to simplify. This time Charl this all of that. Of the state to mean we -- -- years institution failures in the country we have to make it much more simple but that's really -- European number one I agree with him. Can I take from baton that you are going to be part of a new. Atom system going forward what what what does it -- your own political future look like the future result. I mean the article -- if you're so optimistic and you think there's so much room for reform yet achievable reform. I would imagine you'd wanna be product I want to be part of it are we allowed to do my best to serve my country. A year ago I said yes I left. Had hit all of the rest because -- who was calling me. How to serve my country in the next months and years Steve to redefine. That a media. Is -- the right man to lead them. Monty -- a great person and can be part of the future and can lead the country yes -- and you expect that would happen. That is in the cancel it Italian people how much of a threat to Silvio Berlusconi to that to the system -- to stability and it's an. I think he's not good for the country that them. Someone who represents. The past the group presents. And number of mistaken mistakes that can be done in the past at least he's zero and about the democracies that I mean he's doing his electoral. And fourth day and a Italians who decided.

DAVOS 2013: Italy needs courageous reforms to revive growth

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013 - 03:14

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