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DAVOS 2013: Ban Ki-moon: My pain at Syrian deaths

Friday, Jan 25, 2013 - 03:18

Jan. 25 - The UN Secretary general tells Davos Today how concerned he is about the civil war in Syria. Many more will die if the violence does not stop now, he says.

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I'm extremely -- on. About this one going continuing. And we Terry. Corporations have by force the size. I'm more than 60000 people have been killed during last attempted to. Month. I am paying myself. If I think how many more people. Quote die if. The virus does not stop. Now is it possible to negotiate. With -- -- The peace that -- -- I really care. We didn't and Geneva. -- last -- We have. We can address this issue of who what traditionally. -- and by establishing. A transition that I'm warning about the we've -- would -- it -- How war. Let's move on tamale. Com why is the UN so reluctant to stop helping fronds and be African forces in Molly -- with statistics in particular. Safety and security. Of the United Nations -- -- And humanitarian. Woke us on the ground as an analysis of millions of tradition. That comes out as a Paramount -- whose sons. And that is why I have made this point that clearly took to the Security Council and is -- I had. Visited deploy. It that you initially in Obama quote to. Discuss through the night and authorities. As a as -- troop contributing countries -- but it is it not true that France is not in the capital -- that it needs from the US or other countries that can help. I had that could call -- -- different shifts for this thing even noticed that of them meeting with the French. Ambassador. Very much is satisfied. This in the hands of a secret becomes. And I had a the Moscow streets weren't you -- to world leaders saying -- -- -- -- -- they -- to tackle the jobs crisis is something we've talked about this week and of course. Ensure green growth and provide sustainable development. And must be a depressing times when we issues and see what's actually it's. That she shouldn't kid has been paying a very important. -- -- very important that institution at this time. That's what this that grew by a friend in Shia crisis. You harassing competitiveness. And of reviving growth. I or the punches particularly at countries in the European Union. Would you agree with Christine like god who says that seems to be this regulation -- T. I -- and -- complacency once again. Or do you believe enough has been done on the regulation front. To stop an economic crisis I'm enthused. This has been that continues to discuss the moment she can she do this incident lasted seven yes. That is an issue of transparency. Issues and how. -- -- Country is becoming piracy is you know back the other countries because we are living in -- you -- quick to -- this time.

DAVOS 2013: Ban Ki-moon: My pain at Syrian deaths

Friday, Jan 25, 2013 - 03:18

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