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3XSQ: Toyota wins back world's top auto sales crown from GM

Monday, Jan 28, 2013 - 04:41

Jan 28 - Toyota Motors regained the crown as the world's top selling automaker in 2012, posting record-high sales and beating rivals General Motors and Volkswagen.

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Ahead GM loses its crown and it. Won't -- asking. Later in the show. What is it three Times Square this Monday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Toyota getting its -- -- back the Japanese auto maker re gaining its spot as the world's top selling auto maker in 2012. It felt a third place a year earlier behind GM and Volkswagen after taking the crown from 20082010. Toyota sold close to ten million vehicles about 470000. More than second place GM. Its sales overall climbing nearly 23%. GM's sales rose about 3%. Toyota expecting 2% sales gain in 2013. The sales pictured not so bright caterpillar. The maker of heavy machinery posting a decline in sales and profit. Didn't charge connected with accounting fraud at a Chinese subsidiary. Caterpillar does -- the global economy improving including the US -- expect housing starts to have their best years since 2007. Howard -- did it also a sign of economic gains four point 6%. The increase in orders for durable goods in December -- are exceeding expectations. Thomson Reuters IFR markets think the report could provide a -- of fourth quarter GDP. From gains to losses Barnes & -- plans to shut down as many as 13 of its retail stores over the next decade. The CEO of its retail group telling the Wall Street Journal the business has to evolve with the times. The chain posted a nearly 11%. Decline in sales and -- bookstores and -- its website over the holidays. From a challenging holiday season for one company to -- one for another in Europe. Our Jamie McKiver joins us for the firm that is gaining altitude in Jamie Phyllis it. And -- so well here's something you don't hear too often a European company raising its profit outlook. I'm not only got as you that it's at a utopian airline but that's exactly what we got today from Ireland's Ryanair and -- -- thanks to strong the mind. From Northern Europe now that Europe's biggest -- budget airline in fact it's the second largest you to -- in -- -- a ball. Pat Riley said they had -- expects profit for the film unit at two months to be as high as 514. Million you don't and that's up from an -- estimate -- -- between 490. And 520. Million. Finance revenues in the last quarter of those 50% that. That's important because that beat the 9% revenue increase reported last week by its bets arrival easy jet. But is not all good -- seals in the south of Europe and southern you know about what nowhere near as ball into the flat and it's way. I'm -- to quote the chief financial officer of state -- weeks. In Spain so once again Lisa what your hobby is Northern Europe holding up the Suggs. Back to you. I Jamie thanks so much. Soaring to new heights. Some Big Ben Affleck knows about his -- cargo coming up a big weekends -- top honors at both the producers guild and screen actor award ceremonies. The hostage drama now looking like the leading Oscar contender at sag members I actors. Make up Oscars largest voting group suddenly there's a lot -- everybody's lips. And though it broke out hi our guard office take dipped more than 19% last weekend as new films took to the screens. -- this weekend. This PG thirteen twist on the classic -- find the duo as crossbow wielding adult siblings who traveled the world taking out evil witches. And and finally in this seemingly endless stream of the sport crop breeding we get you down -- kayaking. Imaginative folks at Estonia to host their first ever -- hills you know I at rates. Sponsor rental was on hand to the competition. Which features 118 men and women of all levels of experience. Armed with the requisite paddles and moments. One benefit of the sport if you're guaranteed not to drown. That is the latest and three times where -- Monday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more letters he has -- dot com slash players TP. I'm Lisa Bernhard this is right.

3XSQ: Toyota wins back world's top auto sales crown from GM

Monday, Jan 28, 2013 - 04:41

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