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TAKE 120: Beer Battle Brewing Ahead of the Super Bowl

Monday, Jan 28, 2013 - 02:40

Jan. 28 - Wells Fargo's Derrick Irwin says Labatt-maker Ambev has more exposure to the higher growth and better profitability of the Brazilian beer market while rival SABMiller will have a tougher time growing margins.

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So how many -- can you check and a 120 seconds well we're not gonna have their early bath. But in this -- -- what's funny people have to think his favorite here company in minutes flat. Or this case. I'm Derek when it comes -- to know what the facts for the -- and make them thinking Miller and that what stock you like better and why. My girlfriend and buffalo and a and a -- drinker I like -- More reasons than just. Part is where the businesses correct. That's right -- InBev dominates. The Brazilian beer market which is one of the best here markets profitability standpoint world have about a fifty year. Victory -- and earth element. It actually they -- a great deal of Brazil and of -- Brazil and battle that is very profitable. So in terms of how much beer they drink -- -- about there. Biggest per capita in the world but profitability -- seconds. -- Think you know in some real high growth areas like -- Europe. It is it's some great market long term Africa is a big one -- this tremendous growth potential long term. Eastern Europe -- good market they also pretty good position. Some of the other Latin American countries outside of itself and are fighting. -- shot. Well I think he Miller for stock look at this actually. It is cheaper and the reason we prefer on a valuation. Standpoint is cheap and we prefer and that. Is because because it dominates the Brazilian market so much has exceptionally high margin and return on capital. Furthermore as -- -- in Brazil because usually 1 march off the -- that wrote it very inexpensive. Resisted -- Miller's -- -- in many many smaller countries there -- much. Do. Cost side facilities here make it here any pressure. There's some. There's some pressure on. Commodities side of course inputs from here quite simple commodities and they they can fluctuate. Although we try to look beyond you're here for what. We think about the quality. Dierker and thanks for joining us in this week's take on what I brought this up there this is writers.

TAKE 120: Beer Battle Brewing Ahead of the Super Bowl

Monday, Jan 28, 2013 - 02:40

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