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Europe Day Ahead: Earnings Galore

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2013 - 02:13

Jan. 30 - A look at Thursday’s key events including a raft of corporate results from Deutsche Bank, Santander, Shell, Ericsson, Diageo and LVMH.

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This is not look ahead to fed stays key political and financial events results -- main focus tomorrow starting the banks Deutsche Bank's fourth quarter pretax -- -- a 116. Many years now back in December but it's that Q4 results with taking significant hits on restructuring plans to cut costs. Without -- the difference on Sunday and the Spanish banks keen to bulk up its britches on as head of a planned listing in London. The Sunday Times reporting last week it's considering a two billion pound bid for. Any -- UK business. Shell reports tomorrow chief executive -- visit will be speaking to us at 845 London time. Oil may just set to sign a ten billion dollar deal with Ukraine to tap shale gas in Europe. And -- expected has a 6% rising core profit the Telecom networks make their race to buying from hold by Deutsche Bank yesterday. UK drinks make a Deion share also with the results out the world's biggest brits make and it's a long running takeover discussions with the make is a busy quit but tequila and to send a the wells biggest luxury brand -- sales report is tomorrow to LVMH losses to new chief executive in December opting you already comes sons quit because of health reasons. The -- box Michael but has since stepped in. Other innings of an -- and a -- to results kinda. Drugmaker AstraZeneca and richest pay TV group B sky B also out to mare on the economic front eight a couple of items left -- -- and John many retail sales below cost has contracted in the -- not authorizing one point 2% in news and that. While the unemployment rates expected to have held steady last month at six point 9%. Of the total number of people out of whack is -- -- have risen to 3.2. Million. Staying with Johnny aegis of England medical condition apologies -- -- to look at what went wrong in the recent local elections. And in Greece hospital don't just install. Only 24 hour and -- austerity strike. Kind of protest outside the health ministry. That's -- leapt ahead to Thursday I'm managing all this is voices and.

Europe Day Ahead: Earnings Galore

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2013 - 02:13

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