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Techquity: Apple's dividend battle, Google's valuation issue

Thursday, Feb 07, 2013 - 03:12

Feb 7 - Greenlight Capital's David Einhorn takes on Apple over its cash pile while analysts express concerns about Google's valuation.

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Great life trying to give apple a red light. In an SEC filing the hedge fund disclosed it is suing to stop apple from eliminating preferred shares. Green -- -- Steve Einhorn known primarily for shorting stocks is actually trying to boost won here. He wants apple start distributing them it's one -- -- 37 billion dollars in cash through preferred shares to help shareholders. Einhorn also urged his fellow stockholders. To vote against Apple's proposal -- which comes up for voted to shareholders meeting later this month. In an interview with CNBC you refer to Apple's having a tax problem answer to stop this. Utterly this night. This is not giving much of a boost the stock shares rose slightly when trading started gaining nearly 2% the turn negative later in the session before climbing at it again. I and Warner owns about one point three million shares which does not put -- in the top 100 shareholders fidelity is number one with -- -- 44 million shares are close to 5% stake. All by vanguard and others listed here. A pair brokerages are putting Google on hold saying the stock. Is getting pricey pivotal research group downgraded Google to hold it says global stock has risen close to its 820 dollar price target. It's concerned about the search engine companies falling margins and advertising revenues which are lower on mobile devices and desktop computers. Sterne Agee also cited valuation concerns and starting coverage with a neutral rating. Analysts -- who argues that Google's shares are fairly priced at seventeen times this year's earnings. Especially given that its primary rival mobile business apple trades at ten times earnings. He also worries that Google's martz will come under pressure as transitions to mobile from PCs. Noble's stock reversed its earlier gains is now off by a third of a percent it has risen more than 8% so far this year. Investors are not dishing out good reviews of -- today the stock is sliding after the company posted a surprisingly large quarterly loss. The company behind the mobile app that provides reviews of local business posted a narrower net loss of five point three million dollars but it was larger than expected. Analysts fear -- was facing strong competition from Google and FaceBook which lets users find recommendations posted by the network of friends. Yelp CEO Jeremy Solomon says no one what impact it's business but Facebook's announcement last month that it's launching its new raft search feature. -- -- Stockton dropped 6% that day. And today the stock has fallen more than 5%. Yelp making a fairly big move our soaring sputtering start making even bigger moves. -- is biased that the wireless communications provider reported a surprise quarterly profit. Helped by higher revenue -- satellite broadband service. Shares up more than 20% and sputtering is Akamai Internet content delivery firm forecast revenue for the current quarter that was below estimates. Shares are down 15%. An -- -- equity this Thursday whenever you can follow us on Twitter RT RS template. I'm Fred Katayama and this is what.

Techquity: Apple's dividend battle, Google's valuation issue

Thursday, Feb 07, 2013 - 03:12

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