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Europe Week Ahead

Friday, Feb 08, 2013 - 02:13

Feb. 8 - A look to the close of the European markets and a look ahead to next weeks trading, as well as what to expect from the Asian markets on Monday.

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-- Soledad the key political and financial events of the weekend had the strength of the Euro. And the emerging battle for an ethics policy like -- to be high on the agenda but first Euro group meeting to be chaired by Dutch finance minister Jerome -- problem. He said Europe needs to be much more competitive otherwise the recovery could be at -- Finance ministers and Central Bank has -- currencies on their minds when they meets at the G-20 in Moscow. Analysts say that like you to offer robust defense is of that policy. It's currency wars I think. And to currency he buys could will come up. But -- into the moments. The that does the most most of their economies must post -- is composed for quite a strong defense all the policies they have in place. President Obama gives it that a State of the Union Address to congress seems like you to plead for bipartisan approach on tackling the budget deficit. And lifting the debt ceiling he's also expects to push his gun control initiative. As well as comprehensive immigration reform. Hawking his new CEO Antony Jenkins unveils his strategic plan for the bank he's expected to -- thousands more jobs. And streamline the bank to improve margins expect mourning his attempts to restore. The bank's reputation. Often reliable scandal to a France's biggest banks report Q4 earnings BNP Paribas like you to show the stars of economic sluggishness. But a positive impact from costs -- on profit. Investor focus will be on strategy. Just off unions have been briefed on a further billion Euro of cost cuts. Rival -- Genesee reporting a Q4 lost focus will be on the extent of write downs and the name of the new CFO of expected to be revealed on Wednesday. The week brings within a flurry of economic takes out top among them eurozone German and French GDP. A Reuters poll suggests Germany could be heading towards a recession if the minus no point 5% full cost is realized. France will narrowly avoid a recession off to flat lining in Q3. That's all -- the week ahead -- axle problems is going.

Europe Week Ahead

Friday, Feb 08, 2013 - 02:13

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