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Ireland: 5 steps back from the brink

Friday, Feb 08, 2013 - 02:04

Feb. 8 - From the brink of collapse to recovery, in just a few years. Ireland’s financial rehabilitation has been painful, but the scars are healing. We look at 5 key steps Dublin took on the road to recovery.

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And late 2010 and Ireland was on the brink of financial collapse. Thanks when people think -- -- -- -- of international markets and forced into a 67 billion you don't need program. And now it's back in the bond market -- -- existing not program columnist and deal with European Central Bank borrowings. It's a hundred islands and so quickly to disasters on. Cents excluding. This policy has -- disastrous increase in Ireland has a more open flexible the next morning when the economy and it's what has been better able to withstand shocks from the trust expending tons. And -- July 2011. Brussels cut interest rates island paint on his longs to between three and a half and former science. That was down from 6%. And it doubled the -- nine to fifteen years. In September -- that -- and upset and cut the interest rates on his 22 and a half billion -- alone coming from the. -- in the summer of 2011 island -- -- to fight since they aren't violent. This came out of tying when it seems and we -- joined him on the bank and stained hands so welcome signal to the market. And -- -- 2012 as yields fell below 8%. Island that has told in the international council -- and some. It's very small would lead to an island to become the first violent country to -- long time and six months -- it's been in the -- 2015. The -- I'm from long time country's huge demand for investment. Fast forward to January 2013 and islands government rushes through emergency legislation to liquidate the field Heinlein and buying this wasn't necessary steps in Dublin no longer have to -- three point one million -- -- a kind of payments to the Sunday. And it's on an eighteen months of fractious negotiations with the Frankfurt. No wonder Irish eyes at least these ones and smiling. Jamie gave up four runs.

Ireland: 5 steps back from the brink

Friday, Feb 08, 2013 - 02:04

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