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Techquity: Cook on Apple, Facebook liked less

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013 - 03:43

Feb 12 - Apple's CEO addresses the company's cash pile and outlook at a conference, while Facebook suffers a pair of downgrades.

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-- cash. Apple's CEO discussed in the company's 137. Billion dollar cash pile. And velocity from hedge fund manager David -- At a Goldman Sachs technology conference call with a sideshow. But certain boards and very active discussions on how to share more of its money -- shareholders. -- one wants the company to issue preferred stock which cook labeled creative. However could preferred hordes of media blitzes bizarre. Cook also addressed the company's products and talked about -- sees as the huge growth potential in the Smartphone and tablet market. In terms of Smartphone growth he cited data from strategy analytics which shows sales climbed from 700 million units last year and 951. This year and nearly one point four billion phones and when he sixteen. He also referred to data showing a tripling of tablets -- of the next four years Citigroup in a note this week taking issue with Apple's outlook and countless. If these trouble ahead for the iPad it points -- the loss of market share and the cannibalization. From iPad -- But -- said today if we don't cannibalize someone else will. He also said I pastors at gateway product for the brand apple buyers for the tablet in Brazil and China. Didn't already own an apple product shares of apple down more than 1% year 47 dollars. After Wall Street talked up FaceBook -- last few months some analysts are taking a second look and issuing downgrades. BP IDs rich Greenfield cut FaceBook to a cell he's lowering his estimates for cash flow because of increased spending. He also appears that users are spending less time on FaceBook as a shift to mobile and notes and mobile revenue growth is slowing. Bernstein downgraded face but the market perform from outperform. Analyst Carlos hers are also concerned about mobile ad revenue growth he said the growth and price for at a North America could decline in the third quarter and steeply thereafter. -- that that revenue growth of FaceBook exchange which allows advertisers to track into our users with slower than he'd expected. Gerstner also cut his price target -- 27 dollars after hiking at the 33 dollars in November. Here's a FaceBook down more than 2% today. Google is teaming up with -- an unlikely partner General Electric. It's now it will become integrated into several G applications. Help utilities increased productivity. And capsules this utilities and providing information such as outage restoration times for customers and more efficiently managing their network assets. Terms of the deal were not disclosed shares of Google up fractionally at eight years 785. In our best of the rest Intel. The chipmaker says it is developing virtual TV service that will deliver live broadcast and have programs available on demand. It plans to sell a device that retailers and directly to consumers. Intel on his struggle as a PC market has stagnated as consumers -- to tablets and other devices shares up about 1%. Story inspiring time our look at movers first story is -- all technologies. The worldwide provider of global -- -- and enterprise software posting sharply higher results for the last quarter. The company's CEO saying they -- trends in brand recognition Asia especially China helping spur growth. Shares up more than 5%. And sputtering at Level 3 Communications. The network providers and content delivery company reporting quarterly loss that was bigger than analysts had expected that stock is down more than 10%. That's equity this Tuesday remember it falls on Twitter RTRs ten. I'm Fred Katayama and this is what.

Techquity: Cook on Apple, Facebook liked less

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013 - 03:43

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