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3XSQ: Global mobile phone sales fell in 2012 - Gartner

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013 - 02:54

Feb. 13 - Sales of mobile phones around the world fell last year for the first time since 2009 as consumers shunned cheaper feature phones.

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Spoke of the three Times Square this Wednesday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Personal computer not the consumer technology business on the decline you can now -- mobile phone to the list. A report out from partnerships global handset sales actually now 2012. The first time since 2009. Analysts attributing -- weakness the tough economic conditions and shifting consumer preferences. Sales down nearly 2% to one point 75 billion units. Gartner sees sales falling again this year Smartphones say don't know are rising with apple and Samsung dominating that market. US consumers are not buying mood our daily digit 110 of 1%. The gain in retail sales in January inline with expectations. Sales excluding cars and gasoline also just one. Looks like that higher payroll tax may have affected shoppers zeal higher gasoline prices may not helping either. Our power player today is still shopping it's Comcast CEO Brian Roberts the cable giant buying GE's 49% stake in NBC universal. This sixteen point seven billion dollar deal gives it control the peacock network Universal Studios and theme parks. Comcast bought 51%. The company in 2011. Robert called price -- attractive. From power play -- Howard drinkers. Last night's State of the Union Address by President Obama was unexpectedly. Upstaged by senator Marco Rubio GOP response. Which turned into KG ULP response. If you missed it take a look. Then. He goes it clearly parched conservatives set the Twitter verse alight with his Poland springs moment. As things like hash -- product placement started popping up. But rubio himself got the last laugh posting this photo of his -- on Twitter. And finally a business -- and so on being in the red. Flower growers in Columbia preparing for Valentine's Day in the US and Europe with roughly 12% of the country's -- sales coming just from -- big day. Colombia is second only to the Netherlands and flower exports chipping 80% of its -- in the US alone. However the blue has been off the road the past five years -- typical weather conditions the global economic crisis and unfavorable exchange rates. That we think climate changes and strengthening -- economy are giving Colombian flower growers and rosier outlook. That's the latest entry time through this Wednesday you can follow us on Twitter -- lakers insider and get more latest videos athletic dot com slash its. I'm Lisa Bernhard it is it.

3XSQ: Global mobile phone sales fell in 2012 - Gartner

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013 - 02:54

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