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Europe Day Ahead: Euro Zone GDP, earnings galore, ‘Tobin Tax

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013 - 02:38

Feb. 13 - It’s euro zone GDP day with nearly all member countries reporting Q4 numbers. The earnings bonanza continues including BNP Paribas and Nestle and the EC unveils its financial transaction tax plans.

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And Soledad the president is key political and financial events it's eurozone GDP -- -- old member countries reporting pupil figures. Analysts widely expect in the numbers painting a gloomy picture as we already know of German GDP shrunk. By half of 1% in the final quarter of last year however ING economist rob Carnell says he's not too concerned that this is the case. I think GDP data is always a little bit backward looking we're now looking at the end purchasing managers' indices. Some of the other indicators perhaps in the Euro zone. Financial. Conditions are now beginning to previous well so quote looking into Texas much more important than the states and any. Fourth quarter team and a global markets the UK sells four billion pounds and find your debts on Thursday to Mon has been relatively strong on this end of the maturity spectrum of late. Finance ministers and Central Bank governors of the G-20 group the world's most economically powerful countries are gathering in Moscow. Currency issues lines -- -- launch about me saying. Plus the European Commission unveils its plans for financial transaction tax Thursday for its eleven states it's aimed at forcing traders. To share the cost of fixing a crisis that has rocked the Euro currency area. The F a lot of European Bank earnings continues of BNP Paribas announcing numbers just days off to Barclays announced 26% rise in adjusted full year pretax profit. -- jobs and vowed to put the British and end up on a new Paul will be speaking with the Frenchman in John's chief executive has shown at all and one half. On test day or so watch out trying to view with -- drone as chairman Matthew Sanchez got on Spain's biggest utility expects to say. Four -- net profit totaled two point eight billion Europe's. Rio Tinto is seen reporting a 42%. Plunge in fully profit due in part to its losses in its aluminium and dumb and units. French comic Iran reporting fourth quarter numbers off to rival -- unveiled a record full year net loss. EDS expected to say full year net profit rose nine point 8% to three point seven billion euros. Analysts also predict the French utility to unveil a one billion Euro cost cutting plan. When it reports its numbers on Thursday. Plus the world's biggest food group -- -- may say full year net profit rose eleven point 8%. Or -- coming up tomorrow that's a look at the Thursday. -- -- Reuters today for the latest round -- of the day's financial and world news that's at eight GMT every weekday. I'm axle problems is voices.

Europe Day Ahead: Euro Zone GDP, earnings galore, ‘Tobin Tax

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013 - 02:38

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