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Techquity: More iPhone concerns, Amazon goes Hollywood

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013 - 02:36

Feb 13 - Apple analyst says expect a long wait for an iPhone 6, while Amazon does more entertainment deals.

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Don't hold your breath the iPhone six. Brokerage -- does not expect the next version of the Smartphone to launch in June 2014. In a research note it's -- believes issues with producing larger four point eight inch screen globally the rival. Jeffries also -- iPhone 5 sales growth slowing leading to more production cutbacks. Though points at the lower production could also be -- all the preparations for an iPhone by an ass. Also the firm has concerns about competition from Samsung which is on the verge of launching its own galaxy S four. Morgan Stanley a little more sanguine today saying that a return of cash to shareholders could boost the stock and shares are up fractionally near 470. Dollars. Morgan Stanley has an overweight rating and six and thirty dollar price target Jefferies hold rating a 500 dollar target. The stock rising today is Germany luxury TV maker low on talk apple can bid for the company -- first surfaced about this possible deal last year. Jefferies raising concerns about Apple's phone business at the same time the overall mobile phone market is shrinking. -- -- from Gartner shows global mobile phone sales fell nearly 2% in 2012 to one point 75 billion unit that's the first down years since 2009. Analysts trimming the decline to tough economic conditions and shifting consumer preferences. Samsung Nokia and apple the top three with Samsung and apple growing market share and Nokia losing ground Smartphone sales. Are bright spot with sales hitting a record in the fourth quarter. Amazon is doing more entertainment deals he reached an agreement with CBS to provide shows from CBS and sister network showtime to its Amazon prime subscribers. The move comes two days after CBS agreed to give Amazon rights to its upcoming series under the dome which it will stream four days after it airs on the networks CBS. And Amazon is also worked at -- -- afford to provide access to its cloud music player and some cars equipped with the things that the -- there -- up 3% and closing in on 270 dollars per share. I'm for shoring sputtering our look at the movers soaring is -- the daily -- site raised from neutral to buy at Sterne -- in the stock is up 5%. Sputtering is rackspace the web hosting company mystery in your expectations and shares are down more than 15%. Concerns that growth to slow. To protect -- this Wednesday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT artists equity. I'm John Marino the sports.

Techquity: More iPhone concerns, Amazon goes Hollywood

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013 - 02:36

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