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Funds: Top three things to watch for in hedge fund filings

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 - 02:35

Feb 14 - Reuters Correspondent Katya Wachtel says focus on any news about Apple, Herbalife and financials when hedge funds release their 13F filings.

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Is that time again only find out where that huge trillion dollar plus hedge fund industry -- been making its bets. With the release of thirteen F filings with the top three trends to watch out for now is Reuters hedge fund correspondent costs about sound good to see you by the way he's. So what's number one on your radar with these reports coming definitely apple. Well looking for that stuff today we solely on Pittman who runs an acre advises pull out of Apple's default cost that cannot yesterday. Which -- seeing giant continent which is another very big hedge fund they -- about hole in the fourth quarter as well. Now it's a stock that a lot of -- to hedge funds on and so -- really looking -- to see his agreement so we know we know about it on activist on. But coach Taylor -- the number of other hedge funds while watching the I'm sure Herbalife is going to be something to watch for the big battle between the black men and Carl Icahn yes. Have a life has obviously been huge in the headlines of the linemen we've got to -- the hedge fund heavyweights I content and -- -- out the stock icons long Pacman is still what he thinks it's apparent game. So what I see who else is in math and with anyone's accumulated that stock or whether that got me. Interesting to see what's happening with financials right the best performing groups last year had a really strong run and it is it's still an attractive. Spot for people to be an financials is boys really interesting and a number of the really be hedge funds. Kind of a very savvy about financials and get in and out of massive. Chunks of that stock very often -- polls and he's begins financials. He unspent and -- Capital One hasn't Q3. -- stops they'll actually down in January so be interested to see what's he eating can fall. Morgan Stanley -- -- and hit an enormous amount in January and down line with that point. Has executive. Wimbledon to say -- gone out the Sox again as well. Separately it is redemption date for its feet on fourteen billion dollar -- what are some expectations. So SNC capital has been under regulatory scrutiny. For awhile now but things have really stepped up over the last couple of months yet not a journalist was arrested and accused of insider trading. So people looking to see today -- people getting out the fun yet. We're the biggest outside holders of SAC money is lax time. It's been very quiet on that front hip problem you know we don't know if they'll stay with them on auction it's gonna be a pretty pretty interesting things to Agassi. Who's staying with him. How old was getting nervous aren't -- -- about how good to talk to you think. I'm rob the shop there this is writers.

Funds: Top three things to watch for in hedge fund filings

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 - 02:35

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