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Reuters Breakingviews: Europe on the up

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 - 03:47

Feb. 14 - Poor GDP numbers for the euro zone are backward-looking. Forward-looking indicators show Europe is on the up, says Breakingviews – though there’s no room for complacency.

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Breaking views take on these seemingly a appalling eurozone GDP numbers of Robert Cole has been out looking in them what what is the breaking news tonight. But the bad then a look at some numbers on late this there's no two ways about that less than expected there next to territory visa to the biggest economies in Europe France and Germany -- -- come -- by the way of negative no point nine euros and overall negative -- point six expectation or point four. I mean. These are is this the bottom. These are very very -- of poll numbers. But. It. Maybe about them but the really important thing is to submit recognize that he's a backward looking for the Mets are still the really important numbers. The ones and looking forward. And I actually while there's no reason it. Absolutely no reason for complacency or even you know of confidence. -- in Europe is only down. The world is on the count you -- in the way that extreme sports on how are we can see that in you Arizona and first quarter. 23 team GP. Your -- up after accidentally or something he's probably. A single. Courts of negativity none of the people about in talking to seemed to suggest that this is going to be a technical let alone -- -- -- Mac -- Recession but it didn't it didn't I don't -- -- you know we've got to look forward. I'm and those things to. Two to two finger on big complacent if -- some huge problems for Europe in the economy has to tell us to tackle not least -- competitive. That's not least that the the currencies which are really working very badly against. Against Europe kind. At the same time you know and there's a very strong view within the breaking these camps that the government pumping two holes to yeah. You know down down making these numbers go into an act of -- -- From standard global misleading. Misconceived. And to be -- GO TO point the PMI is the surveys are pointing to a pickup in growth. At least second half this year. And it seems side -- fall to the markets a day. -- FX markets euros across all of this morning -- of the markets are focusing more on the positive and then looking back yeah. Yeah actually yeah I think it's it's it's a mistake to drool to close conclusions between the performance of GDP numbers in the stock market because of two. While back correlation that -- very very long periods of time. But in the same time yes I think it's about it out after the accident cream out of drawers and some. Confidence from from from the white that. The Euro and you can actually is strong break maybe and strengthen but it is strong britney's old boy you guys you're your take on the eurozone economies -- bullish ones that -- you'll give give. Understanding I think in -- characterizing and -- about a simplify it will be simplifying your eleventh US right now for you guys but it's still a question of what one all the others go to your question about it but there is very good reasons to have some confidence in the way that the European economy is being -- down on enormous questions still to Yeltsin. But there are -- questions still built. In the US there are slight different nature of the questions in Japan as well on big economic. Practice of playing on those markets and when he going to be capitalist not a question of black -- in an active positive. It's a question and I cannot put percentages on our office. Europe has to depend. Which is well -- -- many things about eurozone GDP negative no point six expectations and was a negative no point four so much wasn't expected that that was the breaking news take -- -- That's it for me -- -- problems this crisis.

Reuters Breakingviews: Europe on the up

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 - 03:47

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