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Watching Damascus slip into chaos - Rough Cuts

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 - 02:29

Reuters Middle East Editor Samia Nakhoul managed to visit the Syrian capital as government forces battled rebels in the city’s suburbs. She found a city that’s under military control but is sinking into lawlessness. (February 14, 2013)

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That much of that applicant is still on that the government until it is still under Abacha a central Siskel and sort. On the dangers of the mosque is that Evan -- to keep the -- sound but on the outskirts. What equality -- must. -- -- You know that I don't know what I think you. When I got into deadlock is of course. -- -- -- step -- of sending and they're bombing us down and you immediately see the end but he got into the -- Obama is where. The war on the scene just it's fifteen -- the heart of the cup -- he's -- -- the government until it is I mean Manning checkpoints but that this city is. Descending into the into lawlessness does come and get nothing going on in Damascus. Nobody knows who wanted to keep the kidnapping and could be that should be hasn't. Government militia could become -- and speaking opportunity that. This city is on the war and they get those who are busy with minding -- will be sending there if they just held the cup it's been infighting within that -- They -- not seeing some business men and demanding that the monies that conducting children a place -- somebody's got to put that money. So it is if it's a billion there and -- and baby panda -- Such you know comes with -- -- -- on the war I concede that it's -- war basically during the day people go and to do additional things to go to flag. So the two groups school but then rushing to come back to hide -- -- It's what it's like it for me to go out in the evenings -- for a -- did he get his dad did I go back to the hotel and and it's hard to -- anybody to have to conduct and I think he's. -- -- Stick it out on this seat and you know go and nobody out in the U. I mean the -- actually this time it'd be it is longtime truce to any change when you -- outside you think -- becoming -- -- that an attacking. Attacking Iraq and I think it's near. Where I was dead -- that. That fact and then there I think and there Assad regime against this. He has size power and -- -- he needed to let you know I love that -- to make into the mosque this and we console.

Watching Damascus slip into chaos - Rough Cuts

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 - 02:29

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