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3XSQ: Where's the beef in fast-food? At Burger King

Friday, Feb 15, 2013 - 04:07

Feb 15 - Burger King Worldwide, the third-largest U.S. hamburger chain, reported fourth-quarter profit above market estimates.

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Three Times Square this Friday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Where's the -- in the US fast food industry these days at Burger King. The company posting a quarterly profit that beat estimates on strong comparable store sales gains in the US and Canada. Unlike the golden arches sales -- BK's European division are rising. It credited its strong results to his broader menu which now includes a chicken parmesan sandwich and sit behind. Bond rolls. Since -- the public markets last June shares have outperformed McDonald's. From the hurricane acidic content makers we start with Kraft. The maker of miracle whip Maxwell house coffee and other brands forecasting we anticipated profit in the current quarter. The CEOs say quote stubs its toe by failing to meet customer demand for lower priced foods. Campbell Soup via faring better it's standing by its forecast for this fiscal year after reporting it 10% rise in quarterly sales. While -- peanut butter and Folgers Coffee makers -- -- earnings rise and exceed estimates. It raised the low end of its earnings outlook for its fiscal year which ends in April. Kicking it shares all three right now we see crap about flat but it Smucker. About a percent half. Our -- our winner today hungry for more shares of -- struggling giant. It's George Soros who has more than doubled his stake an apple this as rivals like Leon Cooperman have dumped their shares. Soros increased his position during the fourth quarter apple shares down about 12% since then so at least part of the state is under water. Under -- up in the sky a meteorite exploded over central Russia Friday sending fireballs crashing to earth. Shattering windows and damaging buildings. More than 500 hurt by line -- glass and other debris. A fireball glaze across the horizon leaving it long like trail in its wake which could be seen for more than a hundred miles car alarms went off shattered windows. And mobile phone networks were interrupted. Spectators at the Australian women's golf open might be hearing this. -- It's now like twelve. That's in the range of how many. Were spotted a range. The international field featuring ten top twenty women golfers had to get used to marsupial bouncing on the fairways and greens on the greens. It's summertime in Australia and dry climate and the -- looking lap it up on the lot water courses. And he -- That one at sea turtle in Japan. You pay 25. Loggerhead turtle has been a pair of prospects in. Japanese fishing net five years ago. Her first after -- car. But folks and aquarium this economy have been at -- -- that stick. Fallen off cause discomfort or -- the ire of other turtles. Aquarium workers looking. At her. To dig a hole. And we had eight winner any new world record holder coming -- -- day. -- kissing contest it's about earlier this week eight I. Try. Eight hours. I think it's. Great. Record by that eight hours. It speaking in here and there whether it looked like all the blocking the -- Patients with. We'll take some cash and six grand indictment. In any lines chapstick to. That is the latest different Times Square this Friday you can follow us on Twitter app Reuters Insider get more latest videos actually dot com slash -- TV. I -- super card this is right.

3XSQ: Where's the beef in fast-food? At Burger King

Friday, Feb 15, 2013 - 04:07

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