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Apple loses Loeb, gains Einhorn in Q4

Friday, Feb 15, 2013 - 03:11

Feb 15 - Reuters Correspondent Katya Wachtel brings us the latest from the SEC's 13-F filings on hedge fund investments.

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Apple -- like that FaceBook just some of those stocks that -- by the -- bought her assault in -- last quarter. Reuters correspondent -- about -- here's you've been poring through thirteen F filings that the SEC from last night cops of course we're talking about. Apple yesterday -- -- -- to know what happened what did we see in terms of being stopped so we were looking Catholic apple stuff and he went disappointed China capital got. All of Apple's tightly couldn't and then angered by that they went the only ones downloads that point all things got out those apple. And it was one of those stops it's been hot line collapsed in February -- came down dramatically at the end of 2012. It's gone down again in January so that has got a pretty good timing. The big losers in the financial space -- winners and a well we would checking out general financial because that was a stop it's really rallied in January. So we sold it on one -- his stake. In general side not great timing but others got -- football -- -- famous -- capital management he's actually credit trying to. He bought Upton went inside -- Paulson has pulled them and cut. It lets you visit Herbalife we met yesterday Q what did you see it that stuff. Thought that was obviously at the forefront of minds because there's been huge hedge fund titans. Ackerman and I'm content keeping an -- out of this stock. Again not disappointed icon revealed that he all day -- percent stake in analyze. He wasn't the only one content management and that point as we know that also got that stocks are. We'll see what happens it happens response today. And FaceBook are investors finally warming up to that one. So FaceBook obviously huge story lost yeah and we will looking to say who is getting in and out of that again this time. And stop if they thought a little bit left that they reduced it interestingly checked Coleman's -- global. Collaborative their entire FaceBook holding and they were one of the only in Estes didn't in the stocks interesting that they decided to get out in the fourth quarter absolutely. -- also add the extra from the hedge fund world is of course as Stacey -- Pretty big story there in terms of what's ahead for redemptions more time exactly so I guess today a confident that -- filings -- -- focused on he has. And with bank of hedge funds in the world it's that redemption that line and obviously the hedge funds and the scrutiny because of the insider trading prize. So we are watching and waiting to see what locks on Wednesday that is bad because outside investors and hedge fund. They're sticking with. SA safe now but that's because they negotiated very favorable and not just themselves but all outside and -- that basically getting an extension. To see if I wanna stay with the fund announced we not seeing some other charges going forward. I definitely see what happens the -- cut yet and money from. Someone has provided some pretty amazing returns since the fund's -- To be continues to be -- Got to act it is the -- it that much. I'm Rhonda schaffler at this writers.

Apple loses Loeb, gains Einhorn in Q4

Friday, Feb 15, 2013 - 03:11

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