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Techquity: Apple due for something new says analyst

Friday, Feb 15, 2013 - 03:27

Feb 15 - Apple analyst says its time for company to release product update, plus why offer for Dell could rise.

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Apple -- for something you. Piper Jaffray analyst gene Munster thinks. His research shows that had a product launch -- about every four months -- -- since 2009. In that out today. He gets the pass through such events for a third generation iPad last march the iPhone 5 in September and the iPad mini back in October. That was -- think apple could announce something in March or April. And is looking for something huge just an incremental update to the style of the iPad mini maybe an update existing apple TV. How would likely welcome a shift the discussion of its products rather and its shares. They've dominated talk in the past couple weeks most recently several huge hedge funds dumped their shares in the last quarter. And fortunately for Apple's product cycles don't move at the same speed as the stocks -- Shares down fractionally today your or 64. And the best the rest today down between four billion by -- on Michael -- -- is it more and more troubled. Investors -- prices during southeastern asset management slew of other firms -- -- vote against the proposed deal. Together the firms own about 60% of all stock -- about 40% of way to blocking a deal. Now it appears that -- in several lakers sounding out investors seeing whether slight -- thirteen 65 a share offer will be sufficient to prevent a good a big fight. There's a higher offer coming well probably been maybe not dramatically higher ones don't forget Dell's shares are trading below ten bucks in December. The deal fail -- certain stock we'll certainly fall below its current levels and many short term investors and moved into the stock would be happy to get a slight up. My -- one dollar so rise should be enough to get the deal done. Poking holes on the promise of 3-D printing. The technology got a boost this week from president Obama's State of the Union Address last year we created our first manufacturing. Innovation institute in Youngstown Ohio. Once -- warehouse is now stated we are lap where new workers are mastering the 3-D printing that has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. The remarks come as investors have bid up the firms that make the devices. Also added manufacturing three printing create solid objects from digital model by laying -- successful successive thin layers of material. Companies such as General Electric plant use 3-D printing to -- lightweight aircraft parts dentists or -- use it to create crowns in the space of an hour instead of two weeks. Now notable Schwartzel into left firms to -- and research has called these firms are vastly overvalued. In a report a firm even -- this year printer maker 3-D systems and exaggerating advances to the products and attributing to bubble in the shares. Three systems is down about 6% today nearly tripled over the past year competitors stress this is down about two and a half percent today. Soaring and sputtering -- look at the movers and shakers soaring as -- technologies the business software maker posted 27%. Rise in quarterly revenue. And profit that topped forecasts. Here's -- more than 15%. And sputtering LogMeIn. The company which makes software that enables remote access to computers forecast quarterly earnings below estimates and higher tax -- Shares down about 30% and that's -- -- it's Friday remember you can follow us on Twitter -- -- -- I'm -- -- and this is right.

Techquity: Apple due for something new says analyst

Friday, Feb 15, 2013 - 03:27

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