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U.S. Morning Call: Hedge fund darling Apple falls from grace

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 - 03:33

Feb 15 - Some of the biggest hedge funds dumped their stake in Apple in Q4, fueling the huge plunge in the stock price.

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This morning call for Friday we've got all the Smart money stock holdings for the fourth quarter and the big story it was apple. So the biggest hedge funds dumping plastics and Q4. Fueling huge plunge in the stock price -- third point sold its entire stake of 3.2 million shares of iPhone maker. That's now totaling about one point nine billion dollars taking immediate fourth quarter price of 509 dollars 52 cents. Leon Cooperman of Omega advisors sold his entire stake 26604. Apple shares. While Barry Rosen Steve and Jana partners sold all of that 140000. Shares he held. But not everyone sour on apple David Einhorn adding 200000 shares to his portfolio. This before suing apple to get it to deploy its 137. Billion dollar cash pile. David tepper apple -- management increased its apple stake to 912661. Shares. And billionaire George Soros and about 100000 apple shares during the fourth quarter. So what about those less tech savvy investors well oracle of Omaha steaks in his -- companies like Wells Fargo and to be health care. While adding a few new ones as well but it initiated holdings in Manila's international their signs and Archer Daniels Midland. But the reduced holdings craft and change day. With Warren Buffett's newest purchase -- investors may now take a second look at stocks and we got some heavyweights and that's sector reporting results today. Let's begin with Campbell's soup -- quarter will be key for the company since recently acquired all house a maker -- salad dressings. Analysts will want to know how that combo of -- is how it is working out. The company also announced yesterday they're expanding their production in Mexico and taking nine billion dollar charge restructuring charge for it. Also on the menu results from JM -- the maker object peanut butter and Folgers Coffee. The company has said it would cut prices further to stay competitive and maintain market share against rivals like month lies. A month delay its Kraft Foods which was -- and company last year. Also reports earnings today. It our stocks to watch today keep an eye on shares of NASDAQ. Exchange operator saying it will start processing trades now at 4 AM to better compete with its rival and YSE. Nasdaq's premarket trade at the moment begin at 7 AM eastern. Although they -- hours may mean more business for NASDAQ as the -- future reports not a market is excited about the early bird special especially traders in the Pacific times. Who now have to turn their monitors an hour after midnight. X also check out shares of Airbus this morning dogs rival is putting its customers' needs and innovation that may or may not work out. The aircraft maker will drop lithium ion batteries and switched to traditional -- -- in batteries for its new 8350 passenger jet. In to prevent further delays in deliveries of the plane. And now for a look at the markets US stock futures point to a lower start today. And at 10 AM eastern we'll take a look at the Thomson Reuters University of Michigan consumer sentiment survey. To find out how confident the average American is feeling about the economy. That's your Friday morning call and follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider get more latest video at Reuters dot com slash DB. I'm Lisa Bernhard this is later.

U.S. Morning Call: Hedge fund darling Apple falls from grace

Thursday, Feb 14, 2013 - 03:33

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