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Europe Day Ahead

Monday, Feb 18, 2013 - 02:44

Feb. 18 - A look ahead to Tuesday’s key events including results from Danone and Deutsche Post, as well as the latest German ZEW index.

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This is a look ahead to Tuesday's key political and financial -- still plenty of company results coming up to around Europe. And tomorrow it's all about these done on -- principles and trucks. The world's largest Coca maker of suffering a sales slump in Southern Europe particularly in Spain but cash strapped shoppers are switching to cheaper private labels. Europe's biggest mail and express delivery company has already said it's expecting 25 team will not be easy as a -- global economy waits on the mind. -- the owner of one of Europe's largest coal fired power plants is in the process of transforming itself into a biomass fueled electricity generator. Other ones to watch out for include spies infrastructure from -- a reality which owns London's Heathrow airport. I'm the world's biggest selling up -- continental details. What -- forward from Japan but I -- Central Bank chief is likely to be announced in the next few days. Top bureaucrat to Schumer so expected to get an old -- in the mean tying it again falling towards a 5050 month level of 94 and a half against the bill. But HSBC global head of FX strategy David Bloom says the weakness won't last and the and -- bounce back all the way to 75. We think that many people as usual. Hoping suck up punched into believing politicians. With what they cite. So the first -- easy rhetoric causes of currency to settle. Second -- what's the action and the third parties will be action work. And we would side action will be some Paul. And it's simply will not work. And when you find that out to be terribly disappointed and as the wise don't yen up this day is down they'll -- to show off. Do you and your. French president points while -- an -- to meet with a recount a putt kind of lost couple we just. -- prime minister Anthony some on us build reportedly be talking about Greece's efforts to privatize sell state assets to pay office -- And the bond markets -- begins this speaks punishments are between six and eight billion euros tomorrow but it aims to sell between three and 4000000000 and three. And nine month bills. On the -- a fun city -- index of German investor and analyst sentiment seen rising for a third straight month to 55 in February. This without to a spate of dates at this month largely showing the German Economy beginning some traction. And finally the trial for Ivory Coast president loan Bible resumes of international criminal court in The Hague. He's charged with crimes against humanity committed to doing -- 2011 civil war spot by his refusal to accept the election victory of rival -- on what's not a some look ahead to Tuesday ING BB gave -- this is always.

Europe Day Ahead

Monday, Feb 18, 2013 - 02:44

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