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Market Pulse: Gold bugs to jitter bugs - $1,500/oz looms

Sunday, Feb 17, 2013 - 03:32

Feb. 18 - Even gold bugs may be losing their confidence on prospects for the precious metal, with BofA Merrill Lynch metals strategist Michael Widmer predicting that a test of $1,500/oz looms.

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Is this for gold -- off -- -- Despite abundant liquidity sloshing around global financial markets. I'm Jamie -- and this is today's market pulse. Well gold that is biggest weekly fall last week on fi -- percent. Since may last year let's get our -- to Michael -- monkeys metals strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Well Michael I'm a pretty big -- plus big. Dipping below 16100 that's a six month low. I knew sit and all this -- to get by a combined them. Yeah that's true I mean that's something that you've been saying almost six months now and I think one of the big east who is right now for another market but the difference is that. Opportunity cost effective by years of interest rates in the United States have three -- forty fault for thirty years. And I think the market right now revisits. The it direction going forward and I think that was found on the concerns that he'll give me. Four years ago is up. I think that there'd be be kept out of investors out of the market. Okay you've been saying you've been calling for up a six month but only last month he said that gold will reach 2000 dollars and nine so within six months. That is true and I think that's day -- days off site left I think but I think the trial -- is not the end long rates I think he. Long the lines all of interventions by emerging markets and the -- points on the back awful awful because Tiffany's and particularly over in Asia. And then continued there was education and potentially also -- at peak double file -- for nations I think that that make up but. At that's more story for a -- it is yen that knowledge into 2014. Fault. -- -- this -- -- some Las Vegas to -- epic fall on be smashed through the hunt that we can moving average which hasn't been broken for years. Does this bring -- site fifteen hundreds. I think. Good market tries to -- towards found out of that would not be surprised if at some stage event town now the next few weeks of salute you. Okay and. What is the -- case vote for gold in the short term as a one. Pacific could pick up any information I think -- some of -- -- -- -- forcing them to keep monetary policy. Lol well quite for quite -- line I think the market readjusting expectations of law. Talk to key interest rates device but to be honest I had to media and although five. But -- that the -- snow and that's that could push shackled by south on me and other hats. I think Kennedy has been prize in right now so I'm not sure that you're -- -- amazes many and then in the next few in the next few weeks. Okay Michael thank you very much like what that was Michael but not a Bank of America Merrill Lynch but but Texas is this style of today's -- points. Shares in the French investment buying up by more than 25%. Often it sets -- restructuring plans that by it will shares at stake in the network of cooperative lenders that controllers allowing it to pay back two billion euros to investors. And made a BO BEU's foreign investors though. But colleagues want to picking views warning today that the move could be lower multiples for Natixis is more wholesale focused on things. So from us and join us every day at this time but a look at what's moving markets and why. I'm Jamie -- about this about the.

Market Pulse: Gold bugs to jitter bugs - $1,500/oz looms

Sunday, Feb 17, 2013 - 03:32

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