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Apple hacked; China link unclear

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 02:29

Feb. 19 - Apple disclosed it has been hit by the same hackers that attacked Facebook, adding a new level of urgency to growing reports of security breaches Bobbi Rebell reports.

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Apple, just the latest victim of hacking. The company says it was attacked by the same group that targeted Facebook- but that no data appears to have been stolen. Apple is releasing software to protect consumers against the malicious software used in the attacks. It comes as cyber-security attacks have been on the rise. Mandiant, a cyber-security firm - says a secretive Chinese military unit- located in this building- identified as the People's Liberation Army's Shanghai-based unit 61398- is behind hundreds of attacks. Though, currently there is no clear link to the Apple and Facebook attacks. Mandiant Vice President Grady Summers: SOUNDBITE: GRADY SUMMERS, VICE PRESIDENT, MANDIANT (ENGLISH) SAYING: "141 organizations targeted across 20 different industries and hundreds of terabytes of intellectual property have been stolen from these organizations over the last 6 years. That is a massive amount of research intellectual property plans for the next generation products that the United States and other Western companies would have been producing. All those really gone in the blink of an eye and so it's really clear that China was after the intellectual property of these organizations." Mandiant published details of the attack programs and dummy websites used to infiltrate U.S. companies- typically using deceptive emails. Here is how it generally works: The common way is to send emails with a link. When the unsuspecting victim clicks on the link, the software gives the hacker access to keystrokes, passwords, screen shots, and other data in hopes of finding information to access even more important data The Obama administration says it's brought the concerns to the highest levels of the Chinese government. Spokesman Jay Carney: SOUNDBITE: JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN (ENGLISH) SAYING: "I can tell you that we have repeatedly raised our concerns at the highest levels about cyber theft with senior Chinese officials including in the military and we will continue to do so." Officials have expressed particular concern about the U.S. power grid and other critical infrastructure. Dmitry Alperovitch, Chief Technology Officer, at cyber-security firm CrowdStrike. SOUNDBITE: DMITRY APLEROVITCH, CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER, CROWDSTRIKE (ENGLISH) SAYING: "The Chinese have aggressively targeted the energy sector. They target oil and gas companies. They target green energy and stealing negotiation strategies, stealing intellectual property, in order to benefit their own companies. China continues to deny the allegations- and says it is the victim of U.S. hacking.

Apple hacked; China link unclear

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 02:29

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