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Europe Day Ahead: Bank of England to keep calm, carry on

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 01:42

Feb. 19 - Bank of England minutes are expected to show no change of heart among policymakers, while tomorrow’s economic data may give cautious grounds for optimism in Europe.

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Here's a look ahead to Wednesday's key political and financial events analysts looking for an signs into central bank's thinking tomorrow. -- minutes you on both sides of the Atlantic watch out for word from the Fed later in the day fest will have for the Bank of England no change in voting -- expected. But also modestly upbeat -- last month analysts will be watching for signs the policy make is edging further away from found a bomb buying. Tomorrow is economy dates -- may encourage the -- to think for further stimulus won't be needed from now at least. The -- counts is expected to show Arafat a slight full mean all the headline jobless figure a full cost them changed a seven point 7%. -- very tens -- grounds for optimism also expected from tomorrow's station releases site here in Europe. France's business climate index expected to and China. As is consumer confidence for the eurozone inflation figures for the regionals and Jew and full cost a hold of the previous month's levels. For going to sentiment keep -- -- down to junk bond sales tomorrow at five and ten year debt both going out on the block. The sale comes as mounting tension of -- in these election helps fuel the -- for safe haven debts. Ones edging back from -- nine month highs in recent days. As Italian -- tools and it Credit Agricole the big names and account for among tomorrow's earnings reports the French bank warning earlier this year the fourth quarter meant. Would take a 200 million Euro -- due to changes in accounting standards also watch out for number us from BHP -- let's arm and France Telecom. That is -- look ahead to Wednesday's market moving about as much of this has brought to us.

Europe Day Ahead: Bank of England to keep calm, carry on

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 01:42

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