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Breakingviews: EU bonus caps won’t tackle excess pay

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 04:39

Feb. 19 - The EU’s push to cap bankers’ bonuses won’t resolve excess pay – salaries will rise instead, says Reuters Breakingviews.

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Capping bank bonuses will simply make matters worse says this Chris Hughes of breaking news I'm Chris. I know you you guys they're bringing music had a lot of discussion about an argument about this I'm. Just run us through your your basic premise for us. But my concern is the if that's the problem it is it's banking ties -- hard which it clearly is. This supposed to Solutia and that was -- -- -- -- -- through faith plays bonuses. Well so the -- can't. High paid by. Increasing base salaries and fixing it not very -- helpful and -- -- our film made the pro remarks meant that when I come across there is you know with the -- could cost the -- thing. But -- it it is it is actually -- -- counterproductive. Ma solutions where it's we'll move will hauled water and place with a hard fought hard I mean them with the leafs to tackle. This problem is that it. For it to get through Weinstein flew -- from -- -- -- okay play through it and left. Get to this desire and you wrote a piece a similar -- lost you when when this when this crop top and and and the thing you highlighted. And -- pieces. What what's new offensive -- seemed to be in offensive line now from yes it's a credible position you have but what. What is -- Believe the the ideal situation into the -- -- -- -- from themselves. And didn't pay themselves and not so -- they would if they. Pay them more. So holds a -- -- rebuilt back tropical false. And didn't behave in such a provocative way I mean -- -- and now they've they've that is if they actually stay warm this proposed who have had it coming in but. It would be far better place for so there's some responsibilities some some restrains. And fun for us all -- Travelman. And capital -- move to rewarding. The expect to sell this to provide them with technical bonuses to repay it. Well if you -- the other way if you use if you are citizens from those principles and the the bank owns. -- I thought about revenue. Its main. Cost -- its people its main asset is its people. You know in their own thing they didn't deserve to be paid those things that. You know than -- You know opened. Clever and hard working Gibson gets the rules about them and they clearly that's really. And this is -- it's a high performance in the industry and they say. One should expect to see concerned -- that people and you know I think a lot of wind but at Vodafone for us live this fast. That the public. What do you think I mean this is being -- in the European Parliament what do you think the outcome of this is going to be. And I wanna mention it to for -- would be that the the warrior about a brain. Brain drain. If Asia if the US doesn't implement similar. Procedure. You know what you are about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Firms are little two. Exceed that ratio and -- the -- remarkable woman wants to. With shareholder approval and this the good that the amendment to our theme. Unstoppable I think that is the consequence of this thing will be -- -- resourceful and since the paying people in more -- -- -- And it'll be it'll cost. They can -- pay -- will not want to of these people. Two. Two other farmers so defenses. Fail I think for -- response will be exactly what. The policy makers that would. All right all right I know it was going to be a lot of debate about this and in Georgia native and avoiding these problems is going to be writing a a piece. I believe the different throw against. Your view on a little bit -- storm breaking news sites very brave that's itself from frank TV so now I'm -- -- this is --

Breakingviews: EU bonus caps won’t tackle excess pay

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 04:39

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