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Thousands of Syrians flee to Jordan

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 01:24

Feb. 19 - Nearly 90,000 Syrian refugees have arrived in Jordan since the beginning of 2013, as many continue to flee intensifying violence. Sarah Charlton reports.

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Refugees from Syria mass in Jordan after fleeing violence that's torn their country apart. Syria's neighbours are struggling with an influx of refugees pouring across their borders at an alarming rate. Here in Jordan, officials say nearly 90,000 have arrived already this year. Many come via unofficial border crossings like this, with few possessions. For some, like Um Nasser, fleeing is the only option left. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) UM NASSER, SYRIAN ABOUT TO CROSS FURTHER INTO JORDAN, SAYING: "Our homes are all destroyed, we have nothing, we left with only this (POINTING TO BAG). If Bashar al-Assad wants our country let him have it. We came here after running from between homes, trying to avoid the shelling and the constant fire which rained down on us. If it wasn't for the Free Syrian Army protecting us we would have died under the rubble of our homes. Do my children look like terrorists? God help us!" The UN says at least half a million refugees have fled Syria and the number is growing by 3,000 every day. With no end in sight as the conflict approaches a two-year milestone, many fear there's little hope of returning home.

Thousands of Syrians flee to Jordan

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 01:24

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