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Europe Day Ahead: Euro zone edges closer to recovery?

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013 - 02:27

Feb. 20 - Euro zone and German flash PMIs may show the bloc edging closer to recovery. France, UK and Spain come to market. Plus, watch out for earnings from Allianz, BAE Systems and LEGO.

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This is a look ahead to Thursday's key political and financial events eurozone flash PMI is expected to show the seventeen nation -- edging closer to the company. Fifty minutes before about numbers -- advocate flash PMI is from Germany. The Euro zone's engine of growth expected to show the country's manufacturing sector -- funding for the first time and I yet. This would come just days after visiting W so we -- German investor morale that's -- -- you know I. But despite told us Annie -- tumble Sutton says it's too soon too cold and that the eurozone crisis. Strong Jimmy -- help. The year is an awful -- roughly around 13 if you resign output passive -- -- by 1% we we can see contractions elsewhere. The arisen as a whole will be flat. Full full full BA. But it's not really going to help him on from Spain -- in Portugal or indeed demanding -- From the UK once and for government -- figures for the John -- on the CBI industrial trends survey. Which could show British factory orders continue to fall and fabric. And -- thing confronts the UK and Spain all come to -- on Thursday Spain has already met almost 20% of his 2015 funding needs. And on Wednesday opened the book on a five Euro dollar bond. By Citibank said his clients must -- ton net sellers of peripheral eurozone debt for the first time in six months. Front selling around ten billion euros of bonds tomorrow. Their earnings bonanza continues with that Europe's biggest insurer -- -- it's expected to -- profit nearly doubled in the fourth quarter up. The company is already -- it will meters 2012 operating profit target despite the superstar on Sunday effects. We speak Sally -- chief financial officer at the -- of them are often those results. Preliminary numbers -- from BE systems the focus they are likely to be on recent contracts one from Oman and the UK ministry of defense. Plus active until little tune in tomorrow as we'll be closing the company's chief executive after the release of its 2012 results. The Danish toymaker has been expanding into other areas such as computer games as the global toy market strings. So the contents of those fans for all the latest business unwilling used ditch and into -- -- today that's anti big day -- AT&T. I'm -- media about the -- of the.

Europe Day Ahead: Euro zone edges closer to recovery?

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013 - 02:27

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