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Oscar Pistorius in court for bail hearing

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 01:45

Feb 19 - Oscar Pistorius' attorney says the famed athlete and his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp were ''deeply in love'' on the first day of his bail hearing. Deborah Gembara reports.

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Oscar Pistorius was in a Pretoria court for the start of his bail hearing. His face, unobscured, for the first time in days. He reportedly wept uncontrollably as prosecutors detailed the shooting death of Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius' defense attorney told the court the two, who had been dating since November, "were deeply in love." He went on to say that the 26-year-old Paralympic star had had death threats and break-ins, and that Pistorius slept with a 9-mm pistol under his bed In his account, Pistorius woke up in the middle of the night and thought an intruder had climbed through a window into his bathroom. Without putting on his prosthetic legs , he moved on his stumps to the bathroom where he shouted for the intruder to get out of his house then fired several shots into the door, before calling for his girlfriend to phone the police ---and was "mortified" to discover Reeva slumped over in the bathroom. Prosecutors say they will need to hear more from the blade runner about why he shouldn't be jailed ahead of his trial. SOUNDBITE: National Public Prosecutor Medupe Simasiku saying: "It is not about whether we oppose (bail) or not. But it is up to Pistorius to give enough information or (proof of) exceptional circumstances to show why he needs to be granted that bail. And it is for the court to decide whether the bail should be granted." Pistorius, who is accused of pre-meditated murder, denies the charges and has offered to hand over his passport ahead of his trial. His bail hearing is expected to continue for the next few days and is just the first phase in what will likely be a very closely watched trial.

Oscar Pistorius in court for bail hearing

Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013 - 01:45

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