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Reuters on the Road: One Elephant.. One Idea..

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013 - 04:21

Feb. 20 - Elephant Branded CEO James Boon takes the taxi challenge to explain his startup’s mission to support education in Africa and Asia.

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Products this is just 23 bodies already doing -- it's changed a blow them most of us. James Boone is founder of elephant branded. It's interesting nine yes what does it tell us what it is. Okay I'm healthy body came bouts of laughter I spend a couple of years working and traveling African nation. I -- such a -- builds of these amazing schools and then it gets through the schools and and have -- things that basic school but it was locking. Say I sort of felt invited which makes it sort of -- people they'll change snake coming but it certainly creeps like to dosages. Sex and embarks on Cambodia and federal we sell it in school. So basic and we've got -- we've -- of these bags and is this -- yeah you're not opt. These banks that made out of cement bags yeah -- -- -- branded brand on it which that's my company right you get his history as you -- on the Sony's. -- -- -- -- Well what to do with how to make cement so these factors of Otis. Well as if abilities that some of the -- right she'll ask you why should that America have a -- of -- I'm usually get arrested. I am so you'll Vietnamese fusion in the country doesn't have to borrow money to the universe and -- I think I doctors use six -- It -- support it what is it gets as it gets its own sort of how much money you -- -- are you making any money from this them what you projections. Yes Elton -- -- we -- at a profit we do look good -- me to any school -- back but we teach in coffins and proud of and I'm -- and and I mean -- less and yet just yet old. Do wallets a non computer cases on the based on the front of the BB. Bits and pieces on a fifteen pounds -- to -- 45 pounds. Yes that was suspecting patents was flawless and we I cases and about public life and get a -- -- -- -- what -- of -- making. We make it's -- who recently street Louis to make a mutual. But it's allowed us work with -- resellers and hit emotions yet I don't wish shops you -- anybody's hands and say we can't excel fourteen to on this project stools that that wields so a couple of -- which means excellent. The house he -- the states. Maybe in the future -- yet why they say that was. It's such it's hard against it yeah I know sold insurance colossus. It starts off Britain says 63%. Of raising 234 -- once tolerant business how easy did you find it. To start a business in this environment in the UK was Stuart I was just -- -- -- -- challenge but I think it's an exciting one I think. When young you have the auction season -- next -- in the commitments that might in the human world. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How business background of this this -- Yeah I think it. So you're entirely on here and do you have people -- -- financing -- besides myself about this is on nickel -- and sort of innocent era in a way. And also have a great team is Ali's case as well. And in the UK as well as team. You helps out Leon -- -- yes. Just it was a little bit about how open how important you think is to get help like that from a big back like do. Yeah I mean Google we say we won all Ireland through your minds -- tools welcome to recognize I -- that we sort of saudis that's going to with a dog a barks at conferences we also went and -- -- ways that collapses and -- Bill Clinton in this yeah. He does have just carried -- signed did you try to shield of but we'll see and it's not just come back. I was a -- across our formal question does this don't forever this this company -- branded. Or -- selloff and move on to something else office. And I'm social currency and I'd like secret levels it was different means using. From Canadians. Are perfect it's a South America and I think -- -- -- and all right James good to be in the camp thank graduate student as the founder of elephant friend that that was what is on the right.

Reuters on the Road: One Elephant.. One Idea..

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013 - 04:21

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