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3XSQ: Pistorius granted bail - magistrate

Friday, Feb 22, 2013 - 03:40

Feb 22 - A South African magistrate granted Oscar Pistorius bail in a hearing in Pretoria.

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The three Times Square this Friday from Reuters world headquarters in New York. Free blade runner and south African judge granting Oscar the stories its request for bail. The decision follows a week a dramatic testimony about how the star athlete shot and killed his girlfriend -- dean camp at his luxury home on Valentine's Day. The stories -- alien supporters here in the courtroom after the decision was announced. Prosecutors called him a cold blooded killer while the defense team said -- -- death was a tragic mistake. The full trial is likely to start for several months the stories faces life in prison if convicted. More trouble for Boeing United Continental taking most of its 787 dreamliner out of service. The decision comes as one investigation over the plane's problems progresses. A Japanese probe a -- leak on December light indicated the -- with eight coating around the mechanism that controls few movements between tanks. The issue with the lithium ion batteries remains under investigation. Boeing is scheduled to meet with the head of the FAA Friday to present measures designed to prevent further battery failures according to a source. Dell may be on the decline but maybe not Hewlett-Packard. The computer company posting better than expected results that -- at least six brokerages to raise their price targets on the stock. But don't pop the champagne yet. They still seem more troubles ahead at the PC maker. CEO Meg Whitman who took over the -- eight. 9000 jobs or about 10% of the workforce. Over the next two years she's also reversed that decision to spin off HP's PC division. Citigroup about ninety shareholder pressure at the bank overhauling its executive pay plan that stockholders rejected last year as overly generous. It also said new boss Mike Carp that will get eleven point five million dollars for his work in 2012 in line with CEOs of the top financial firms received. Meanwhile a no Vargas executive is battling to public pressure. Outgoing chairman definitely -- saying he may have mistaken negotiating a 78 million dollar payoff. This was company scrapping plans for the windfall ahead of the vote in the country. On whether to impose strict limits on corporate day. And something you don't hear out of a CEOs about every day our profitability is not where it needs today. That from the head of Abercrombie & Fitch clothing retailer forecast in net loss in the first quarter. It also said same store sales in the fourth quarter Belichick continued to struggle overseas. Nor can also struggling a bit company planning to spend far more money this year e-commerce plan which will hurt its profit. Chicken is shares right now accompanied Abercrombie and you can see damages under 2% and Nordstrom also down just a percent. And finally time wanted to know if it launched the Taipei lantern festival last night. With snake -- lanterns decorating capital to celebrate Chinese New Year. The Taiwan president and Taipei city -- lit -- the name snake lantern. Bit of more than 161000. Recycled plastic bottles at the opening ceremony. More than fifty large size lanterns on display for eleven days mostly about student groups artists across the city. That's the latest retreat on this Friday you can follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider and get more videos. At Reuters dot com slash TV I'm Lisa Bernhard this is right.

3XSQ: Pistorius granted bail - magistrate

Friday, Feb 22, 2013 - 03:40

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