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U.S. Morning Call: United removing Boeing from flight plans

Thursday, Feb 21, 2013 - 04:03

Feb 22 - United Continental said it was taking Boeing's grounded 787 Dreamliner out of its flying plans through June 5th.

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Morning call for Friday it's a big day for Boeing as it prepares to meet with the head of the FAA the topic did you are. How to prevent further battery failures a source tells Reuters. It presents several measures which if accepted will allow for 787 flights to raise by April. While Boeing tried to figure out a solution that works airlines are busy planning schedules month advance. And leaving out the dreamliner. Made continental saying it -- not the 787 back invitation until June. -- flight that launches from Denver in day. Analysts estimate the world's largest playmaker is out on about 200 million in delivery payments every month. While spending as much as one billion a month to keep the production line running. Think he's the true this morning about -- in CEO Jim McNerney approach to the problem. Did you reporting that he's been quite active behind the scenes meeting with game officials and top electrical experts from GE and -- yen to solve the crisis. And shareholders probably have confidence in his leadership. Boeing stock half as drastically as some feared the stock down about two -- is the problem began in late January. In our stocks to watch we've got what sounds like a 21 century nursery -- An insurer and manufacture and a computer chipmaker first finisher. AIG reported better than expected fourth quarter results but overall loss of four billion dollars compared with a year earlier profit of 21 billion. They hit due mainly to sell off an aircraft leasing business and big losses incurred from superstar and sandy. Chief executive Robert and -- today saying summit in bonuses will be this year as a result. Private equity firm KKR making an offer of 75 dollars per share for Gardner Denver. Not doing industrial machinery maker at close to three point seven billion dollars. According to people familiar with the matter. Gardner Denver shares closed at 67 dollars yesterday giving it a market value of just over 3.3 billion. In barking it's nearing 75 dollar offer prize. Finally -- chipmaker. Texas Instruments raised its quarterly dividend by a third and it will buy back an additional five billion dollars in stock. Blasted the company cut 17100. Jobs winding down its Smartphone and tablet chip business -- stiff competition from rivals such as Qualcomm. Citi executives getting what they deserve to await to hear how much that is. New chief executive -- -- that we pay eleven and a half million for his work in 2012. Line with his peers and other major banks. This comes after city overhauled an executive pay plant that shareholders rejected last year is overly generous. One of those shareholders New York city's pension funds owns about seven point four million shares of the bank. Under the new plan bonus payments will be tied closely to stop apartments profitability. Previously Sunni group that would pay to executives if the bank earned more than twelve billion before taxes over two years. Vikram Pandit who was pushed out as CEO in October was paid fifteen million dollars and 2011. And received it's symbolic one -- in 2010. As the bank grappled with the aftermath of the financial crisis. Let's take a look at -- markets stock futures signaling a rebound as we wrap up the week. But in Europe not so chipper and could weigh on stocks year. The European Commission predicting region's economy will shrink for the second year in Iran in 2013. Consumers businesses and governments are cutting back on spending pushing joblessness to a new high. That's at your Friday morning call remembered follow us on Twitter at Reuters Insider get more -- videos at Reuters dot com slash -- -- I'm Lisa Bernhard this is.

U.S. Morning Call: United removing Boeing from flight plans

Thursday, Feb 21, 2013 - 04:03

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